Atelier/Ar Tonelico's Gust Posts Mystery Teaser Video

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Video hints at connection to Ciel no Surge PS Vita game, sequel

Video game developer Gust began streaming a mystery teaser video titled "ERROR 421" on YouTube on Monday (421 represents the date April 21, the date on which it was posted). The video recaps various scenes from the Ciel no Surge PS Vita game's interaction portions with series heroine Ion (voiced by Ai Kakuma).

In the blurry portion of the video, characters such as Castie (Inori Minase) and Neiaflask (Maaya Uchida) are shown for short periods of time. In the end of the video, Ion says, "The one who was late reaching the me who was only there for that period of time was you."

Gust released the sequel to Ciel no Surge titled Ar no Surge on the PS Vita and PlayStation 3 last month. The game features connections to Gust's previous video game series Ar Tonelico, such as the character Shurelia (voiced by Kanako Sakai) and an incarnation of the character Ayatane (Naoki Koshida). NISA released all three Ar Tonelico games in North America.

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