Ghost in the Shell Arise #4's New Trailer Streamed After Premiere

posted on 2014-09-12 09:00 EDT
Motoko chases down hacker, terrorist Fire Starter in final installment of original video project

Sony began streaming a new promotional video for the fourth episode of the Ghost in the Shell Arise original video anime (OVA) series on Friday. The episode premiered in Japanese theaters on September 6.

Emma: You can't stop the Fire Starter. Do you think cyberbrains will make people happy?
Motoko: You put a bug on me!
Emma: Are your memories correct? Or were they changed for you by someone?
Motoko: It's been four months since the cyberbrain line.
Protester's sign: Don't sell water!
Man: It's a simultaneous Ghost hack.
Motoko: It must be the prey we've been chasing.
Man: You mean Fire Starter, the genius hacker?
Emma: Wizard... Magic-user... The magic-user that can't go home...
Emma: I want to live, even after I die.
Man: The Tin Man machine?
Robot: He was searching for a hacker with a special cyberbrain. His codename is Scarecrow.
Man: A scarecrow, huh...
Motoko: We're going to dive into her Ghost, right here, right now.
Man: Emma...
Man: It's dangerous...
Motoko: There are two Ghosts...?
Man: You're being hacked! That's their cyberbrain!
Motoko: It's not a disugise, but Ghost Dubbing...!?
Motoko: This means that it's a controllable virus.
Vrinda: I am a scarecrow... My brain is wilting away...
Emma: I am a Tin Man... My heart is wilting away...
Motoko: I won't let you go anywhere! This is the end!
Motoko: That's what my Ghost is whispering to me.
Text: When all of the electric brains
Text: Are controlled
Text: The Ghost
Text: Awakens.
Text: Ghost in the Shell brigade, move out...

Ghost in the Shell Arise border:4 concludes the four-part anime project.

Kensho Ono (Kuroko's Basketball, Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary) plays Vrinda, Jr., a 32-year-old man. His unique abilities were recognized in his childhood, and he entered an advanced welfare center. Vrinda, Jr. was scouted by the army's intelligence department when he worked as an accountant. After that, there is no record of his life.

Ai Kayano (Aldnoah.Zero, Captain Earth) also returns in the upcoming episode as Emma Tsuda, a new agent scouted by the 501 Organization. She is a 17-year-old war orphan who creates hit cyberbrain net games under the name "Tinman." Kurtz, head of the 501 Organization, scouts her for her skills and plans to use her as Motoko Kusanagi's successor. She uses a full-body prosthesis in the shape of a young woman. For some reason, she suddenly disappears from the 501 Organization. During the shooting incident that occurred during demonstrations against price-fixing in the water trade, she was protected by her electronic components.

The fourth installment's story takes place amidst signs of postwar reconstruction in the winter of 2028. Tensions are rising in New Port City as demonstrations are held concerning the interests of foreign cartels. This leads to a shooting incident involving riot police. It all started with a cyberbrain infection released by the terrorist "Fire Starter." An independent offensive unit led by Motoko Kusanagi entrusts the suppression of the situation to their ghosts and aims for their own justice. Below the surface of the incident, lies the "tin girl" Emma and the "scarecrow man" Vrinda, Jr. As Kusanagi deals with the incident, she draws near to what those two ghosts were seeking.

The third episode opened in select theaters in June and shipped on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in Japan on July 25. Funimation licensed all four episodes and released the first episode in a special imported edition last August. The company plans to screen the first two episodes in a limited theatrical run later this year, then release both on home video in North America on October 21.

A new film for Ghost in the Shell will premiere in 2015.

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