Summon Night 5, Class of Heroes 3 PSP Games Head West

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Company polls interest in physical copy pre-orders

The official website for video game publisher Gaijinworks announced on Thursday that in partnership with MonkeyPaw Games, it aims to release PSP games Summon Night 5 and Class of Heroes 3 in North America and Europe. It also announced a poll to gauge interest in a one-time, pre-order only physical copy release, which will include both a digital code and physical UMD.

Summon Night 5 is the newest entry in the Summon Night fantasy simulation role-playing game series on the PSP system in Japan. The story is once again set in the alternate world of Lyndbaum, except in a bustling town called Seivaaru that is similar to Japan. The anime studio ufotable (Fate/Zero, The Garden of Sinners) animated the game's anime sequences. Emiko Bleu performed the game's opening theme song produced by Sing Like Talking band member Chiaki Fujita, and Japanese game developer Felistella is planned and developed the game with staff members from the previous entries in the series, including Takeshi Iitsuka and Kei Miyakozuki. Namco Bandai Games shipped the game in Japan in May 2013.

Gaijinworks describes the Class of Heroes 3 game:

The biggest new feature is that instead of one school, players have the choice of three very different schools to begin their quest and call their home during the game. The school chosen will change the uniforms of the players and the degree of difficulty of the game. Each school also has a unique cast of characters to interact with. Once the school is chosen and the game begins, players will also notice new systems like the expanded Affinity system that allows specific love/hate connections to be specified between characters to grow positive or negative relationships under player's specific control. Finally, one of the most-requested changes from Class of Heroes 2 has been implemented as well: labyrinths now feature a selection of ambient music as you explore them.

Class of Heroes 3 is the third game in the Class of Heroes franchise. Atlus USA released Class of Heroes in North America in 2009, while GaijinWorks released Class of Heroes 2 in May 2013.

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