Trigger Animates Music Video for Sega's Chunithm Rhythm Game

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5 voice actresses play fictional band "Irodorimidori"

Sega opened a website for a fictional band spawned from its Chunithm rhythm arcade game on Thursday, along with a music video animated by Studio Trigger. The group is called "Irodorimidori" (Coloring Green) and the video previews the song "Change our MIRAI!" (Change Our Future).

The main characters and their cast members are:

Hisasi designed the characters and fu_mou wrote and composed the song. Ikuo Geso (Hacka Doll the Animation) directed the video and Yūko Hariba served as animation character designer and animation director.

The characters from "Irodorimidori" will appear in future songs and promotional videos, as well as Sega's Chunithm and maimai arcade rhythm games.

The website also revealed a motion manga "Episode 0: Change Our Mirai!"with the promise of more episodes. Hasasi drew the manga and IOSYS' Lettuce Shichijō (D.watt) and Sega's Cabbage Saitō wrote the story.

Chunithm launched in Japanese arcades on July 16. It was developed by the same team that created Sega's earlier arcade game maimai.

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