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MangaGamer to Release Golden Fantasia CROSS Fighting Game Based on Umineko

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Go Go Nippon 2016!, The Stargazers games also offered

MangaGamer announced at its panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta on Saturday that it will release the Golden Fantasia CROSS (Ōgon Musōkyoku CROSS) fighting game, as well as the Go Go Nippon 2016! and The Stargazers games. Golden Fantasia CROSS marks MangaGamer's first release of a fighting game.

The Golden Fantasia CROSS fighting game is a sequel to the first Ōgon Musōkyoku fighting game, both based on Ryukishi07 and 07th Expansion's Umineko - When They Cry (Umineko no Naku Koro ni) mystery suspense game. 07th Expansion developed the game, and released the first game on the PC in Japan in December 2010. Golden Fantasia CROSS shipped in December 2011.

In the game, players select two characters, but control only one at a time, tagging between them in a unique "touch" mechanic whose effects differ depending on when it is triggered, such as blocking, taking damage, or attacking. Players can also expend their resource gauge to summon the Metaworld, which allows them unlimited access to their strongest attacks at no cost, although opponents can cancel this summon by expending resources of their own. MangaGamer plans to release the game on its website and on Steam.

MangaGamer released the Umineko - When They Cry -Question Arcs- sound novel on the PC via Steam on July 8. The "Question Arcs" are the first four arcs of the visual novel. NIS America released the sound novel's anime adaptation on home video, and Yen Press is releasing the manga adaptation in omnibus editions.

Go Go Nippon 2016! is a sequel to Overdrive's Go Go Nippon PC game. The sequel adds more locations, as well as event illustrations with Makoto and Akira. The new game will also feature tweaks to the user interface.

Overdrive (Kira Kira, Edelweiss) originally developed the Go Go Nippon game specifically for a Western audience. MangaGamer originally released the game in 2011, and then released the game on Steam in 2014.

The "guidebook in a game format" follows a protagonist who travels to famous Japanese sightseeing spots in the company of two young sisters.

MangaGamer released the game's 2015 DLC update in October 2015.

Western developer Studio Lupiesoft developed The Stargazers. MangaGamer describes the game:

What would it be like to explore deep space? To chart the unknown landscape of the outer rim, assessing new planets for their potential as colonies? What wonders and excitement might await?

Inspired by pulp sci-fi, The Stargazers follows Temperance as she joins the Shooting Star to explore and chart the galaxy with its crew. Join these girls as she discover new wonders of space, rescue lost ships, fight to survive against notorious villains, and more! Of course, sometimes the outer reaches of space might get lonely, but the girls have each other for that.

MangaGamer will release the all-ages version of the game on PC via Steam in November. MangaGamer is offering pre-orders for the game's adult version.

MangaGamer also announced that it will offer a DLC expansion for Studio Lupiesoft's The Menagerie adult game.

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