Toukiden 2's Subtitled Anime Short Posted Before Game Heads West in 2017

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Koei Tecmo's demon-hunting RPG slated for Americas next spring

Koei Tecmo America announced on Thursday that it will release the Toukiden 2 role-playing game in the Americas in 2017. The company plans to announce more information about the release early next year. Koei Tecmo America also began streaming the complete version of the game's tie-in original anime shorts with English subtitles.

Studio 4°C animated the shorts, which Koei Tecmo originally streamed in three parts in July. Takahiro Tanaka (Halo Legends, UTOPA) served as director, character designer, and animation director on the tie-in anime.

KOEI Tecmo Games announced in September that it would release Toukiden 2, a sequel to its 2013 Toukiden PSP/PS Vita game, in North America and Europe in early 2017. Koei Tecmo has yet to announce the platforms for the Western releases.

Koei Tecmo describes the demon-hunting game:

Players will take on the mantle of a Slayer charged with the task of defending humanity's last remaining villages from the supernatural threat of Oni. Taking all types of shapes and sizes, these demons creep out of dark rifts in space and time to prey on mankind. Warriors from the ancient and secret cast of the Slayers are the only ones equipped to stop them!

The game shipped on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita in Japan on July 28, after a delay from the originally scheduled date of June 30.

KOEI Tecmo Games' Omega Force subsidiary (Warriors/Musou series) developed the game.

Update: Koei Tecmo Games also confirmed on Thursday that the game will ship in Europe in spring 2017.

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