Frontwing Streams Grisaia: Phantom Trigger PC Game's Opening Movie

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1st 2 volumes launch on April 28

The official website for Frontwing's upcoming Grisaia: Phantom Trigger PC game began streaming the opening movie on Tuesday. Singer Marina Kawano performed the opening theme, "Edge of My World." Hitoshi Fujima of Elements Garden composed and arranged the piece, and Yoshikazu Kuwashima wrote charge of lyrics. yo-yu (feat. works) is credited with the opening movie production.

Frontwing also streamed the ending theme, "A Simple Wish," on Friday. Hiromi Sato performed the theme, Yoshikazu Kuwashima wrote the lyrics, Noriyasu Agematsu of Elements Garden composed the song, and Fujima is arranged the song.

The company announced last month that it will release the first two volumes worldwide on PC via Steam on April 28, 2017.

Frontwing describes the story of the first volume:

Following the Heath Oslo incident, the existence of the US-Japanese anti-terror organization CIRS has become a matter of public knowledge. CIRS has been rebuilt from the ground up, and its most covert functions spun off to a new agency: SORD (Social Ops, Research & Development).

The goal of SORD is to train a new generation of operatives to defend the country against future threats. To that end, the organization has established a series of schools up and down the country. Mihama Academy, more-or-less left to rot after its abrupt closure, has been given new purpose as one such 'specialist training school'.

This new incarnation of Mihama Academy is home to a diverse group of students, who every day work to polish their unusual skills - sometimes on the job. Mihama now entrusts the misfit girls who attend it with guns and live ammunition. Paying their own safety no heed, these students are again and again plunged into dangerous extrajudicial missions - all for the good of the realm.

The cast includes:

Maaya Uchida as Rena Fukami, a gunwoman

Ayane Sakura as Tohka Shishigaya, a sniper

Kaori Nazuka as Christina Sakurako Kujirase, an explosives and computer specialist

Atsumi Tanezaki as Murasaki Ikoma, a self-proclaimed "Russian ninja"

Haruto Aoi, a male tactical instructor at Mihama Academy (no voice actor listed)

Mikako Izawa as Shiori Arisaka, a homeroom teacher at Mihama Academy

Ryuichiro Yamakawa is the game's producer. Akio Watanabe is providing the artwork and character designs, nanaca mai is providing the SD artwork, and MAGNUM is handling the backgrounds and weapon design. Ryuta Fujisaki is writing the story. Hitoshi Fujima of Elements Garden and Fuminori Matsumoto are composing the background music.

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