Elex Media Licenses And-Pair, Nanoha Yōgashiten no Ii Shigoto Manga

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Ijiwaru Hōteishiki manga also licensed, all 3 slated for April 26

Indonesian publisher Elex Media Komputindo announced on Friday that it has licensed Yūsuke Hori and Gōta Yamanaka's And-Pair, Tamiki Wakaki's Nanoha Yōgashiten no Ii Shigoto, and Natsuki Hinai's Ijiwaru Hōteishiki manga. The company will begin releasing all three manga on April 26.

The And-Pair manga centers on Tachibana and Hitsuuchi. Tachibana is a robot, and introduces himself as such in school. Rumors quickly spread about him in school. He meets the loner Hitsuuchi, which begins their irregular daily life.

Hori and Yamanaka launched the manga in Shogakukan's Shonen Sunday magazine in 2015, and ended it in 2016. Shogakukan released the manga's third and final compiled book volume in February 2016.

Nanoha Yōgashiten no Ii Shigoto centers on a bakery named the "Nanoha Bakery" situated on the top of a hill, run by three brothers: the willful but skilled baker and eldest brother Thyme; the responsible middle child Sage, who also has a penchant for discount hunting; and the angelic youngest brother Parsley. While the bakery guarantees good flavor, Thyme's willful nature makes the shop empty most of the time, only guaranteeing a headache for Sage.

Wakaki launched the manga in Shogakukan's Shonen Sunday magazine in April 2015, and ended it last October. Shogakukan published the manga's seventh and final compiled book volume in December.

Wakaki's The World God Only Knows romantic comedy series ended in 2014. The series launched in 2008. The manga inspired three anime series, and also inspired several sequel and spin-off OVAs. Animax Asia aired all three series in Southeast Asia. Elex Media publishes the manga in Indonesia. Elex Media recently licensed The World God Only Knows: On the Train + Pilot Films book, which contains, among other pilot manga, Wakaki's "Yōgashiten Galaxy" one-shot, which led to the full Nanoha Yōgashiten no Ii Shigoto series. The one-shot appeared in Shonen Sunday in August 2014. The book will ship in Indonesia on April 5.

Ijiwaru Hōteishiki centers on Mizuki, a high school girl who comes to school one day to find out that her next-door neighbor Ryōhei is the school's new trainee teacher. Mizuki has hated him since she was a kid, as he had a tendency to tease or pull pranks on her, but now she can barely stand him if she's going to have to see him both at home and at school.

Natsuki Hinai ran the short manga for seven issues in Shueisha's Margaret magazine in 2014. Shueisha published one compiled book volume for the manga in August 2014.

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