Yoshimasa Hosoya Replaced in Ensemble Stars Franchise, Not Replaced in Starmyu, Strike the Blood Anime

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Tomoaki Maeno replaces Hosoya in Ensemble Stars! app starting on May 31

The official Twitter account for Happy Elements K.K's Ensemble Stars! multimedia franchise announced on Sunday that Tomoaki Maeno is replacing Yoshimasa Hosoya to voice the character Hokuto Hidaka. Happy Elements K.K's will replace Hosoya's voice recording with Maeno's in the Ensemble Stars! app starting on May 31.

Additionally, the official Twitter account for the STARMYU anime series confirmed on Sunday that the show's second season will not be replacing Hosoya as character Kakeru Tengenji, as recording on the series is already finished. Additionally, Hosoya will still attend a STARMYU event on October 8 as previously planned.

The official Twitter account for the Strike the Blood anime also stated on Sunday that Hosoya will not be replaced in the fourth and final volume of the Strike the Blood II OVA series. The volume will ship as planned on May 24. Hosoya voices Kojō Akatsuki in the OVA.

Hosoya's staff reported on Monday that he is going on hiatus from work to undergo treatment for his throat after a doctor's diagnosis. He plans to return to work before the end of this year.

Hosoya's other current roles include Rintarō Kira on Kenka Banchō Otome: Girl Beats Boys, Fumikage Tokoyami on My Hero Academia season 2, Yamato Ishida on Digimon Adventure tri., and Reiner Braun on Attack on Titan season 2. Free! -Timeless Medley- Yakusoku (Promise), the Free! compilation film centering on Rin and Hosoya's character Sōsuke, will open on July 1. Hosoya also plays the role of Yūsuke Takahashi in March comes in like a lion, and the series is getting a second season in October.

The second season of STARMYU premiered on April 3.

The Ensemble Stars franchise includes a smartphone app, manga, novels, CDs, two stage plays, and VR software for the PlayStation VR. A television anime was planned to premiere this year, but the staff have postponed it due to "various circumstances."

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