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Weekly Shonen Jump's Circulation Drops Below 2 Million

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday, Kodansha's Shonen Magazine circulation also drops

The Japanese Magazine Publishers Association (JMPA) reported on Tuesday that Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump dipped in circulation below two million. The verified average circulation number for the January-March 2017 period was 1,915,000.

The manga magazine's circulation fell by about 91,000 from the October-December 2016 period when it was 2,005,833. The average circulation number for the July-September period was less than one third of the magazine's record circulation of 6.53 million in 1994.

Circulations of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine and Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazines also fell for the January-March 2017 period. Weekly Shōnen Magazine's circulation dropped about 22,000 from the previous period to 964,158. Weekly Shonen Sunday's circulation dropped about 3,600 to 319,667.

JMPA reported in 2015 that circulation in all three magazines had dropped by more than 10% in the previous year. Although JMPA reported that Weekly Shonen Jump rose slightly in circulation in 2009 and 2010, Japan's manga magazine circulation has been reported as falling since at least 2006. Weekly Shōnen Magazine's circulation dropped below two million in and below one million last year. JMPA previously noted that each company is putting effort into digital publication, which may account for part of the decrease in print circulation.

The chart below shows the circulation numbers for all three magazines beginning with the January-March 2014 period.

Period Weekly Shōnen Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump Weekly Shonen Sunday
January-March 2014 1,277,500 2,715,834 461,250
April-June 2014 1,245,417 2,677,500 445,500
July-September 2014 1,211,750 2,665,834 428,417
October-December 2014 1,192,267 2,605,000 411,250
January-March 2015 1,156,059 2,422,500 393,417
April-June 2015 1,127,042 2,395,000 388,417
July-September 2015 1,107,840 2,376,667 369,231
October-December 2015 1,085,110 2,321,667 356,584
January-March 2016 1,038,450 2,238,333 345,667
April-June 2016 1,015,659 2,168,333 369,833
July-September 2016 995,017 2,161,667 330,000
October-December 2016 986,017 2,005,833 323,250
January-March 2017 964,158 1,915,000 319,667

Source: ITmedia via 0takomu

Update: Typo fixed. Thanks, Mr. Oshawott

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