Bessatsu Dragon Age Magazine to Launch With New Manga by Trinity Seven, Triage X Creators

posted on by Karen Ressler
Ojisan to Marshmallow, Dragon's Rioting creators also launch new series

This year's October issue of Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age magazine announced on Friday that a new supplementary magazine titled Bessatsu Dragon Age will launch on September 25. The magazine will feature all new series.

Writer Kenji Saito (Trinity Seven) and artist Shoji Sato (Triage X) are collaborating on a new series, pictured right, that will feature on the first volume's cover. The manga's title is Mahō Shōjo Flaming ☆ Star (Magical Girl Flaming Star).

The other new series are as follows:

  • Sekai o Sukuu Tame ni Watashi to Asa Chun Dekimasu ka? (To Save the World, Can You Lie in Bed With Me, a Subhuman, in the Morning?) by Rekomaru Otoi (Ojisan to Marshmallow)
  • Banrai no Hekatonkheires (Hekatonkheires of Thunder) by Tsuyoshi Watanabe (Dragons Rioting)
  • Yojōhan Isekai Kōryū Ki (Record of Small Room Alternate World Exchange) by author Mikoto Yamaguchi (Tomodachi Game) and artist Fumihiro Kiso (The Testament of Sister New Devil Storm!)
  • Yūsha no Party ni Eiyōshi ga Kuwawatta! (A Nutritionist Joined the Hero's Party!) by Sanko Takada (Taberu Dake)
  • Killing Me/Killing You by Imomushi Narita (It's My Life)
  • Kegare no Uta by Yūsuke Osawa (Green Worldz)
  • Kamiotoshi no Oni (Ogre of Kamiotoshi) by Kenji Sugawara (Hōkago Lucky Girl)
  • Gokinjo Sanrinsha Tai (Neighborhood Tricycle Team) by Noko Oumi (S Rare Sōbi o Niau Kanojo)
  • Calamity Lost by Akira Segami (Kanade)
  • An as-yet-untitled work by Yōichi Abe (Vanilla Spider)

The magazine also announced that Kenji Sugawara will begin a new manga series titled Kenja-chan wa Satottenai! in the November issue of the regular Monthy Dragon Age on October 7.

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