New Mr. Osomatsu Stage Play Reveals Side Character Visuals

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Play runs in Osaka from February 23-26, in Tokyo from March 1-11

The official website for Osomatsu-san on STAGE ~SIX MEN'S SHOW TIME~ 2, the second stage play based on the Mr. Osomatsu anime series, released additional character visuals last week. The visuals feature side characters played by returning cast members: Totoko (Arisa Deguchi), Iyami (Akira Kubodera), Chibita (Kimeru), and Hatabou (Yūya Hara).

The new stage play will run at the Umeda Arts Theater in Osaka on February 23-26, and will then run at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo on March 1-11. The final performance will have a live viewing in theaters throughout Japan on March 11. The live viewing will feature an exclusive cast message video, and people who attend the live screenings will receive a "changing postcard" with both new key visuals.

The main cast, for both the main sextuplets, and their "F6" versions, will return from the first stage play. The previous stage play's cast included:

  • Shōta Takasaki as Osomatsu
  • Yūki Izawa as F6 Osomatsu
  • Yūsuke Kashiwagi as Karamatsu
  • Masanari Wada as F6 Karamatsu
  • Keisuke Ueda as Choromatsu
  • Kento Ono as F6 Choromatsu
  • Ryō Kitamura as Ichimatsu
  • Yūya Asano as F6 Ichimatsu
  • Ren Ozawa as Jūshimatsu
  • Shinichi Wagō as F6 Jūshimatsu
  • Ryotaro Akazawa as Todomatsu
  • Yūki Nakayama as F6 Todomatsu

Shin'ichi Ono is returning to direct the play.

The first stage play ran from September to October in 2016.

Fujio Akatsuka's original Osomatsu-kun manga and "high tension comedy" TV anime centered on the Matsuno household, which has six naughty and mischievous sons (who are sextuplets). All of the sextuplets, including the eldest Osomatsu, are all in love with the same girl, Totoko. The original series followed the family when the sons were 10 years old.

The Mr. Osomatsu show re-imagines the original manga and TV anime with the sextuplets as adults. The series premiered last October. Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired in Japan. The Osomatsu-san Ouma de Kobanashi special aired in Japan in December 2016, and Crunchyroll streamed the anime under the title "Mr. Osomatsu JRA Special 2016." The 24-minute special is part of the "Hashire! Oumatsu-san" collaboration between Mr. Osomatsu and the Japan Racing Association. The collaboration also includes a series of six new anime shorts titled "Mutsugo to Ouma no Monogatari" (The Story of the Sextuplets and a Horse). The anime's second season premiered in October.

Viz Media acquired the digital streaming, electronic sell-through, home video, and merchandise rights for the Mr. Osomatsu anime, including the second season.

Source: Animate Times

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