2nd Starmyu Musical Reveals Main Visual Featuring 15 Cast Members

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Cast reprise roles for new musical running in Tokyo, Osaka in July

The official website for the planned second STARMYU musical revealed the main visual for the musical on Friday. The new musical is titled Musical STARMYU -2nd Season-.

The musical will run at the Nippon Seinenkan Hall in Tokyo from July 4-11 and then at the Morinomiya Piloti Hall in Osaka from July 20-22. Sayaka Harada is writing the script, Kōtarō Yoshitani is directing, and Tadako is handling the choreography.

The play stars:

  • Taishi Sugie as Yūta Hoshitani
  • Shōta Yamanaka as Tōru Nayuki
  • Arthur Lounsbery as Kaito Tsukigami (reprising his role from the anime)
  • Shogo Suzuki as Kakeru Tengenji
  • Kōta Shinzato as Shū Kūga (replacing Kensuke Takahashi from the first musical)
  • Keito Sakurai as Rui Tatsumi
  • Naoya Kitagawa as EIGO Sawatari
  • Seiji Tanzawa as Seishirō Inumine
  • Akira Takano as Izumi Toraishi
  • Yuzuki Hoshimoto as Akira Ugawa
  • Ryō Hatakeyama as Tsubasa Hiiragi
  • Haruki Kiyama as Itsuki Ōtori
  • Ryō Takizawa as Kyōji Akatsuki
  • Minami Tsurimoto (Candy Boy) as Yuzuriha Christian Lion
  • TAKA (CUBERS) as Sakuya Sazanami

The anime's first stage musical adapted the anime's first season, and ran in Tokyo and Osaka in April 2017. A spinoff musical focused on Team Hiiragi titled Caribbean Groove ran at the Maihama Amphitheater on April 27-28.

The first 12-episode STARMYU television anime series premiered in Japan in October 2015. Funimation streamed the series as it aired, and it describes the story.

Ayana Academy: home of musical dreams and insane competition. New student Yuta Hoshitani dreams of being in show business, but to get there he'll have to gain acceptance from the Kao Kai (Cherry Blossom Flower Association), Ayana Academy's three highest ranking students. For Yuta and his friends to get into the music department, they'll have to get into the Star Frame class, which is taught by the Kao Kai members. Though the newcomers are struggling, they catch the interest of one of the Kao Kai members, which just might send them on the starlit journey they've been dreaming of!

The anime project also includes a two-part original video anime (OVA) project. The first OVA, which serves as episode 13 of the anime, shipped in July 2016. The second OVA, which serves as episode 14 of the anime, shipped in September 2016.

The anime's second 12-episode anime season premiered in April 2017. Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired. Crunchyroll began streaming the first series in January.

The franchise will receive a new OVA in October, as well as a third season of the television anime in 2019.

Sources: Musical STARMYU -2nd Season-'s official website, Stage Natalie

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