Ani-One Streams ROOM CAMP, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Anime

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ROOM CAMP premieres on Monday, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen on Wednesday

Hond Kong content distributor Medialink Entertainment Limited's Ani-One YouTube channel began streaming the ROOM CAMP anime on Monday, and it also added the Sorcerous Stabber Orphen anime on Wednesday. ROOM CAMP is available worldwide except in Hong Kong and Singapore, while Sorcerous Stabber Orphen is available in Southeast Asia except in Malaysia.

ROOM CAMP the short anime spinoff of the anime of Afro's Yurucamp (Yurukyan△, Laid-Back Camp Δ) manga, premiered on television in Japan on Monday. "Episode 0" debuted on the first Blu-ray Disc/DVD volume of the Laid-Back Camp anime in March 2018.

Crunchyroll is streaming the anime in North America, and it describes the story:

The Outclub goes on a journey!

The Outdoor Activities Club, Aka, the Outclub has 3 members. In the countryside of Yamanashi Prefecture, there's a high school named Motosu High School. Go even further to one of the school buildings and you'll find a very laid-back outdoor club that uses one corner of the classroom as their club room.

Kagamihara Nadeshiko finally wants to kill some time in their club room, but then Ohgaki Chiaki and Inuyama Aoi suddenly announce that they're all going on a trip.

They drag the confused Nadeshiko with them and the Outclub hustles all through Yamanashi. The girls enjoy the various local treats as they travel around, but where in the world is the end destination for this trip?!

Masato Jinbo, the director of the main anime's opening animation sequence, is directing the Heya Kyan△ anime at C-Station again. Mutsumi Sasaki is returning as character designer and chief animation director. Yoshiaki Kyougoku, the director of the main anime, is supervising the Heya Kyan△ anime, and DeNA Contents Planning is producing.

In addition to Heya Kyan△, a second regular television season and a film have been green-lit. The first anime premiered in January 2018, and Crunchyroll streamed the 12-episode series as it aired.

The new television anime of Yoshinobu Akita's Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (Majutsushi Orphen Haguretabi) light novel series premiered on Tuesday.

J-Novel Club licensed the novels and is releasing them digitally. The company describes the story:

Orphen is a Sorcerer drop-out from the prestigious Tower of Fangs. His journey to save Azalie, a girl he looked up to like a sister, has brought him to the bustling city of Totokanta. Here they are reunited for the first time in five years. But what is the truth behind her monstrous transformation, and just what secrets lurk behind the Sword of Baldanders...?

Takayuki Hamana (Library War, Mushibugyō, The Prince of Tennis) is directing the anime at Studio Deen, and Reiko Yoshida (Girls und Panzer, K-ON!, Violet Evergarden, Yowamushi Pedal) is in charge of the series scripts. Takahiko Yoshida (Big Windup!, Cells at Work!, Yowamushi Pedal) is designing the characters based on the novel illustrations by Yuuya Kusaka. Morikubo will also perform the anime's opening theme song "Calling U" with his buzz★Vibes music unit. Fuchigami is performing the ending theme song "Yosō Funō Days" (Unpredictable Days).

Source: Ani-One YouTube channel via Anime Pilipinas

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