Toei Animation Launches Clear World Game as First 'Novel Game' Project

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
81plus collaborates with Toei on sci-fi game with story by Takahiro, Ryō Yasumoto

Toei Animation and 81plus announced a collaboration to produce "novel games" on Friday, with the new game Clear World as the first game in the project. The science-fiction adventure game is slated to ship for PC on September 25. Takahiro (Akame ga KILL!, Yuki Yuna Is a Hero, Release the Spyce) is writing the game's plot, while Ryō Yasumoto (Steins;Gate 0 episode scriptwriter) is writing the scenario. lack is drawing the character designs. Nami Nakagawa will perform the game's theme song "Omoi Tsunagu Ashita e" (To a Tomorrow That Will Bind Our Affections."

The game's backstory begins in the year 2035, with the drive for resources leading humanity to explore the ocean floor. Upon finding a new energy source that is seemingly inexhaustible, humanity creates 11 utopian cities within the span of 10 years. Only a chosen few are able to live in these cities, with those denied entry living out unchanged lives outside, but with their eyes ever turned toward these cities. The game is set in 2047, inside one such city, the titular "Clear World," a bastion of science and intellect nestled beneath the waves. The story centers on Mito Gionji, who holds no special love or favor for Clear World. He helps out in his uncle's private investigation agency. When he takes a request to find a particular person, it takes him to a dimly lit warehouse in the city's harbor, where he meets a mysterious girl.

Fumiya Imai voices Mito in the game. Aguri Ōnishi voices Masora Mikage, a girl who keeps to herself, but loves a good urban legend. Honoka Inoue voices Mari Himehara, an honor student from a rich family who is nevertheless naive, and suffers from the strain of high expectations. Kanata Ōno voices Kōtarō Tsurugi, a delinquent who everyone thinks is unfit to be in Clear World, but who maintains an excellence in sports.

Sources: Clear World game's website, MoCa News, Animation Business Journal (Tadashi Sudo)

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