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Azuki Licenses Itazurana Kiss, Buffalo 5 Girls, Insufficient Direction, 6 More Manga

posted on by Adriana Hazra

KiraKira Media Inc.'s digital manga service Azuki announced at its panel at Anime Expo on Sunday that it will add the following manga to its service as part of its deal with Media Do International, Inc. and MediBang!:

Image courtesy of Azuki
Title: Itazura na Kiss
Creator: Kaoru Tada
Summary: A high school girl named Kotoko Aihara's love letter has been rejected by her crush, a genius with an IQ of 200 and a sports champion who's popular with all the girls — Naoki Irie.

As if Kotoko's luck wasn't bad enough, shortly after her house gets destroyed by an earthquake and she has to find somewhere to stay, her father reaches out to a good friend to help them out but by some twist of fate her father's friend is... Naoki Irie's father!

First she got rejected and now she has to live under the same roof as her crush who rejected her! Will Kotoko's luck finally turn around?

Image courtesy of Azuki
Title: Buffalo 5 Girls
Creator: Moyoco Anno
Summary: In the unforgiving towns dotting the barren desert, girls sold into brothels must face the carnal desires of men day in and day out. In a world rampant with sex and violence, what happens when prostitutes fall in love? Is there a way for them to survive?

Two working girls, Candy and Suzy, will risk their lives to break the cycle, all for the sake of the freedom they've never had. Stronger than they ever thought possible, these girls on the run learn to give their instincts free rein.

"Love or life, which would you choose?"
"I'd take love."
"But then you can't love if you're dead, can you?"

Image courtesy of Azuki
Title: Insufficient Direction
Creator: Moyoco Anno
Summary: When Moyoco Anno, the widely successful creator of women's manga, married Hideaki Anno, creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion and a director famed for being an otaku, she had one important doubt:

"Am I really ready to be an otaku's wife?"

Taking up that challenge, Moyoco Anno launched herself into the deep and beautiful world of married life. This comic essay, an account of the private lives of two of Japan's most high-profile creators, is raw, unfiltered, and unforgettably hilarious.

Image courtesy of Azuki
Title: Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen
Creator: Moyoco Anno
Summary: Paris, France — Beginning of the 20th century. Colette works in a brothel and entertains clients with "perverted" desires. She feels she's living a life without prospects — the only thing that brings her happiness are her secret meetings with a handsome gigolo named Leon. She feels helplessly attracted to the mysterious Leon despite his obvious inability to remain faithful…

This is the first new series by Moyocco Anno in eight years! After "Sakuran" and "Buffalo 5 Girls" comes another story about the strong lives of prostitutes.

Image courtesy of Azuki
Title: The Diary of Ochibi-san
Creator: Moyoco Anno
Summary: “Even if I can make you smile, I can't erase the tears you've cried.”

In Mametsubu-cho, a little town somewhere in Japan's ancient capital of Kamakura, the cheerful Ochibi lives a free and easy life. Together with his friends — the dog Nazeni, the mischievous cat Jack, and the ever-hungry pooch Pankui — he welcomes the new discoveries and acquaintances that come with the changing seasons.

The spring brings flowers and greenery; the summer, chances to swim in the cool sea. With autumn come the fiery red maples, and winter brings hot and hearty meals.

These events and shifts of season are drawn with a soft and tender touch, bringing out the warmth in the details of everyday life.

Image courtesy of Azuki
Creator: Mayu Minase
Summary: A new love comedy from Mayu Minase that takes place in the heart of Tokushima, featuring nonhuman entities and love! The son and heir to an indigo dyeing shop, Riku, has dreamed of going to university outside his prefecture with his childhood best friend and girl he loves, but is instead forced to marry a girl named Miyo due to an old family promise. However, just what is Miyo's incredible secret?! Tokushima's very own Mayu Minase sets the stage in her hometown for this youthful love fantasy.

Image courtesy of Azuki
Title: Wonder House of Horrors
Creator: Miyako Cojima
Summary: A 10-story horror anthology by Miyako Cojima that is sometimes kooky, sometimes gory, and sometimes positively profound!

Image courtesy of Azuki
Title: Young, Alive, In Love
Creator: Daisuke Nishijima
Summary: Makoto uses a Geiger to measure radiation, and Mana can see ghosts. The two fall in love. What is more important, decontamination or spirit cleanse? 3 volumes long.

Image courtesy of Azuki
Title: Transit
Creator: Makoto Aizawa
Release date: July 21 Summary: Life is just a repetition of encounters and partings, and where we are now is in any case a Transit point. A series of coming of age stories about the days we go through feeling lost.

The company also announced that it will launch a digital version of Shunsuke Sorato's Natsume & Natsume manga on August 25. It will also add Yvon Lee and NOFI's Urban Legend Hunters Story manwha.

Sources: Email correspondence, Azuki panel at Anime Expo (Ryley Moore)

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