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HOUSTON, October 7, 2003-ADV Films announced today a November 18, 2003 street date for the DVD release of the stunningly beautiful Japanese martial arts motion picture "The Princess Blade," which has received acclaim from both critics and U.S. audiences alike during its ongoing theatrical release across the country.

Production Credits:
"The Princess Blade" is directed by Shinsuke Sato; special effects are by the renowned Shinji Higuchi (well-known for his work on the modern "Gamera" series). Hong Kong-native fight choreographer Donnie Yen (fresh from his acclaimed work on the Wesley Snipes blockbuster "Blade II") handles the balletic combat scenes.

The Story:
The film, which combines elements of classic Japanese Samurai drama with a futuristic setting, tells the story of Princess Yuki (Japanese superstar actress Yumiko Shaku), of the House of Takemikazuchi-once a force of noble guards for the Mikado elite, but now an exiled and disgraced band of assassins, willing to take on any task for the right price.

Yuki is a ruthlessly efficient member of the clan, paid by the authoritarian government to eliminate members of a rebellious insurrectionist group. But when a mysterious stranger tells Yuki the truth about her mother's death-that she was killed by a member of the House of Takemikazuchi-Yuki confronts the killer and, after a fierce battle, is forced to flee. A troubled young man named Takashi (Hideaki Ito, one of Japan's most popular film actors) comes to her aid. But Takashi is wary, for he works with the rebels whom the Takemikazuchi have targeted for elimination.

Gradually, Yuki and Takashi come to terms with one another. But the threat of the Takemikazuchi looms-they will not tolerate the departure of one of their own, and they are closing in...

Selected Critical Response:
Critics have praised the film's combination of beautifully choreographed fight scenes with engaging characterization and its gripping romantic subplot; buzz around the film is growing fast.

"With its stylized, near-surreal comic-book look and roots, 'The Princess Blade' has all the makings of a cult film." -Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"... A strangely poetic, visually stark adventure, held together by [star Yumiko] Shaku's intense performance and thrilling, well-edited fight sequences." -New York magazine

"... In its most vivid moments, it's like comic art come to ultrakinetic life." -Time Out New York

"... An intriguing experience... Donnie Yen's fight choreography is breathtaking." -TV Guide

"... A lean, hard-driving story and solemn atmosphere make 'The Princess Blade'... stand way above the pack." -Hollywood Reporter

"The Princess Blade" (SRP $19.98) is a DVD-only release presented in letterboxed widescreen format. In both English 5.1- and Japanese 2.0-language versions, with English subtitles.

About ADV Films:
In 1992, ADV Films began to forge the international market for Japanese animation ("anime") by combining unique titles, outstanding production values and efficient large-scale distribution. Today, ADV Films is the #1 producer-distributor of Japanese animation to the North American market, with the firm's holdings including such premier titles as "NOIR," "Sailor Moon," "Samurai X," "Hello Kitty's Paradise," "RahXephon," "Spriggan," "Robotech," "Full Metal Panic" and "Neon Genesis Evangelion." In addition, ADV Films' product line has expanded to include other forms of genre programming, including live-action science fiction programs "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda," "Mutant X" and The Jim Henson Company's "Farscape," and classic science fiction such as the updated "Gamera" trilogy. ADV Films' parent company, A.D. Vision, Inc., also publishes Newtype USA, the premier anime and manga monthly in the English-speaking world, and operates Anime Network(tm), broadcasting anime and anime-related programming via digital cable, 24 hours a day. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, with additional offices in the EU and Japan, and distribution on four continents, ADV is fast becoming an international entertainment powerhouse. For more information, visit ADV Films on the web at .

Running Time: 95 minutes; Age Rating: 17+
Pre-Book Date: 10/21/03
Street Date: 11/18/03
Format SRP
DVD $19.98

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