NeoAniCon Sets Baltimore Venue

NeoAniCon L.L.C. Press/Media Contact:
Kun Sun Sweeley, Con-chair NeoAniCon L.L.C
[email protected]
AIM SN: WeezingPok

Official website launched, more details on NeoAniCon L.L.C., currently
accepting donations, final venue location determined.

BALTIMORE, MD - THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4TH, 2003 -- After several months of early
planning, NeoAniCon L.L.C. is proud to announce the official launch of its
website for public viewing, the address is: the
site will be updated frequently with news and information on NeoAniCon as
soon as various items of the organization and convention become finalized.
The website is also listed on the search engine by typing in as a
keyword "NeoAniCon".

NeoAniCon L.L.C.'s con-chair, Kun Sun Sweeley has made the final decision of
where NeoAniCon is to be held, the proposed locations that were looked at
was the Days Inn Inner Harbor hotel, the Marriott Waterfront Hotel, the
Renaissance Harborplace hotel and the Mariott Hunt Valley Inn, Hunt Valley
MD. The final decision was made by the con-chair and vice con-chair to have the convention held in the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn on 245 Shawan Road in Hunt Valley MD due to the fact that one major anime convention held a successful convention there for two years and that we believe it would be cheaper to rent the hotel in Hunt Valley compared to the cost of renting a hotel in the Inner Harbor area of Downtown Baltimore City.

The proposed events for the first year that's currently being considered will be a dance/rave, a LARP, cosplay contests, a dealers room, karaoke, a art room, opening and closing ceremonies, a AMV contest, panels, and a videogaming room, possibly more. NeoAniCon is currently proposed to be three days, Friday-Sunday. Four days,
Thursday-Sunday is a possibility currently under consideration if there's
enough volunteers. The currently proposed hours of the convention will be Friday and
Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:30 AM and Sunday from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM for
three days, Thursday-Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:30 AM and Sunday from 8:00
AM to 7:30 PM for four days. 24 hours is a possibility that is also
currently under consideration if there's enough volunteers.

Donations through PayPal has been enabled to obtain funding for NeoAniCon
L.L.C. and the convention. People who wish to donate any amount can visit
the website and click on the PayPal picture to be directed to the PayPal
site to input the donation amount. All donations received through PayPal will be used only to fund the organization and convention. As con-chair, I make a promise that none of the money received through PayPal will be used personally by any of the staff members. Note: Due to the rise of fraud regarding PayPal, before you enter your donation amount and payment information, make absolutely sure that the site begins with if it doesn't do not enter any information.

NeoAniCon L.L.C. currently has a con-chair, a vice con-chair, a website
maintainer, a forum moderator/maintainer and a AMV contest maintainer, we
currently need more staff members, please IM the con-chair for more details using AIM, his screen name is WeezingPok or email the con-chair at [email protected]

NeoAniCon L.L.C. would like to thank with sincere gratitude, Anime News
Network ( for posting excerpts from our
first press release dated January 7th, 2003, a few days after it was posted
on Anime News Network, the president received several IMs and emails from
interested people and visitors to Anime News Network cited the post and
placed it on their own websites.

NeoAniCon L.L.C. hopes to start an ongoing partnership with Anime News
Network to be NeoAniCon's official press representative so NeoAniCon L.L.C
can send future press releases to Anime News Network in hope that Anime News
Network will post our press releases.

More details on NeoAniCon L.L.C. will come in future press releases.

About NeoAniCon L.L.C.

NeoAniCon L.L.C. is to be a non-profit organization incorporated as a
limited liability company in the state of Maryland. NeoAniCon L.L.C. will be
the controlling organization for NeoAniCon, a new convention dealing with
anime and Asian culture to be held in the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn on 245
Shawan Road in Hunt Valley Maryland. NeoAniCon has been in planning with
its president, Kun Sun Sweeley with members and some personal
friends since earl y January 2003. NeoAniCon L.L.C. is currently accepting
donations through PayPal whose money will be used to fund the organization
and the convention. The dates for the convention is still currently unknown
due to the convention still being in the planning stages.

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