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eigoMANGA Will Appear In A Music Video For MTV Japan

Colleagues from EigoMANGA(including EigoMANGA's CEO, Austin Osueke) will make appearances in a music video for the rock band, Holden that will be produced for television broadcast on MTV Japan.

Holden is a rock group that performed at EigoMANGA's anime-themed live event, CAMPUS INVASION back in April of 2004. The band has recently signed a lucrative record contract with Warner Brothers Music Japan and will be releasing their music in Japan.

Holden's music video is being filmed on Saturday, September 18 in San Francisco, California. The colleagues of EigoMANGA are inviting San Francisco Bay Area anime and manga fans to appear in the music video after finding out the details from the company's website, www.EigoMANGA.com.

About EigoMANGA:

Founded in August 2000, EigoMANGA is an independent media and publishing company committed to developing, producing and marketing original American "manga," or Japanese-influenced comic books and graphic novels. EigoMANGA initially started as the first ever dot-comics publisher and website; now its integrated media offerings include comic book publishing, anime-themed television programming and anime-themed live events. The company is based in San Francisco, California. For more information visit the EigoMANGA website at http://www.EigoMANGA.com

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