CPM Brings Slayers Home for the Holidays


New York, NY (November 15, 2004) – Central Park Media has announced a spectacular holiday sale on one the greatest fantasy anime series of all time; The Slayers, a laugh-out-loud comedy, which has hooked many anime and manga fans with its ensemble of zany characters and their fantastic, epic adventures. All The Slayers DVD box sets will be available for $49.95 SRP each for a limited time only – November 15th until December 24th. Each box set contains over 10 hours of programming including bonus DVD materials such as cast interviews and character galleries, just to name a few. Originally retailing for $89.99 (The Slayers) and $129.99 (The Slayers Next and The Slayers Try), the holiday price of $49.95 SRP for each box set will make The Slayers the perfect gift this holiday season.

The Slayers DVD Collection
Welcome to a world where magic reigns and monsters lurk behind every corner. Into this land of deadly dragons and menacing magicians comes our heroine-Lina Inverse, a cute, fire-ball throwing sorceress who steals from the wicked and gives to herself! Along with Gourry, a handsome but dumb-as-a-rock swordsman, Lina challenges the forces of not-so-goodness as she seeks truth, justice, fame and gold.

Running time: 600 minutes/Eps. 1-26 on 4 DVDs
Genre: Comedy/Action-Adventure
Rating: 3UP
Catalog #: SSDVD-6198
UPC code: 7-95243-61982-8

The Slayers Next DVD Collection
Lina Inverse is not the sort of girl who wants to save the world for free, but sometimes, she's just that down on her luck. This time around, Lina, Gourry, Amelia, and Zelgadis have embarked upon a fun-filled quest to find the most powerful book of magic in history. Unfortunately for them, this little jaunt may develop into an adventure of epic proportions, involving hideous monsters, demon dragons, magical karaoke performances, and outdoor sporting events!

Running time: 600 minutes/Eps. 27-52 on 4 DVDs
Genre: Comedy/Action-Adventure
Rating: 3UP
Catalog #: SSDVD-6137
UPC code: 7-95243-61372-7

The Slayers Try DVD Collection
In search of fame, fortune, and foreign food, Lina Inverse sets sail on a collision course for the new world! What she finds there are vengeful enemies, a bunch of high-and-mighty dragon lords, and a new quest to save the world from destruction.

Running time: 600 minutes/Eps. 53-78 on 4 DVDs
Genre: Comedy/Action-Adventure
Rating: 3UP
Catalog #: SSDVD-6169
UPC code: 7-95243-61692-6

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