Anime Crash enters anime production

'The Son of Speed Racer...Sort of.'

The Crash Media Group Inc to internationally represent and co-design the first globally launched anime title: SHIDÉN

On Thursday, February 03, 2005 Shiden, the first Japanese anime created for the entire world market was brought to life in a signing ceremony at Crash Media Group's New York headquarters. The brainchild of Kimio Ikeda (co-creator and producer of Speed Racer/Mach Go Go Go, and producer of Gatchaman, Astro Boy, and too many more to name here), Shiden is best described as a high-octane gothic anime adventure. The 26 episode Shiden is currently in production in Japan with animation production by Takao Kozai (Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocense, Katsuhiro Otomo's Steam Boy). The story of a young boy, a time traveling car, and true love, the first of this 26 episode anime series is set to be ready for world audiences in late 2005.

The Crash Media Group's anime division Anime Crash will be giving special sneak previews of Shiden at anime conventions and trade shows across North America and Asia in 2005. “I didn't want to make something that would only be available in Japan first and then for the rest of the world as a second thought ” said Mr. Ikeda speaking through a translator, “I wanted to do something greater that had never been done before.” Crash Media Group Managing Director Scott C Mauriello went on to add “Ikeda-san has honored my organization. As a child I loved Speed Racer so how could I let such a great creator down?”. Mauriello went on to add “We will bring it to the fullest potential on all levels and are very happy to be the first American anime company to participate in the actual design and production of an anime as it is made and branded from the ground up.”

Shiden represents the growing evolution of the international market for Japanese animation and Anime Crash remains at the forefront of that anime evolution which has now come full circle, from the early anime days of Speed Racer to the time-traveling edge of Shiden.

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