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Chicago, IL – (September 8, 2005) Japanese Animation Distributor Manga Entertainment Inc. has partnered with character and animation holdings company, DAIWON (Korea), animation studio DesignStorm (Korea) and BRB internacional (Spain) to produce and distribute IRON KID, a new KID-Hero/Robot Martial Arts Action Animation television and DVD series. The announcement was made today by Manga Entertainment President, Marvin Gleicher.

Manga Entertainment Inc will license IRON KID for television broadcast, DVD distribution and merchandising in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. DAIWON retains the same rights in Asia while BRB maintains the European and Latin American rights.

IRON KID will debut October 15 – 16th at MIPCOM JR. IRON KID will also be available during MIPCOM at the IDT Sales booth #3606. The show is slated to premiere in the US market in the Fall of 2006 with Europe and Asia debuting in the Spring of 2006.

“We have been looking for a property like this for years and are excited to be working with our production partners Daiwon, DesignStorm and BRB. Our combined expertise will take ‘IRON KID’ to its fullest potential creatively and commercially.” stated Marvin Gleicher, President of Manga Entertainment Inc.

DesignStorm CEO, Jungsook added, “Manga Entertainment is well known for its vital role in introducing anime in America. With the added support and resources of IDT/Anchor Bay Entertainment, Manga reinforces its position as a partner other companies want to be in business with.”

Head of Co-productions and Development at BRB internacional, Carlos Biern said: “Combining creative talents and sensibilities from three different parts of the world will help us to develop an entirely fresh and different look, feel and storyline. Together, we will create a series that will connect with all worldwide audiences in 2006.”

IRON KID is a high-quality full 3D TV animation Sci-Fi robot action adventure series for ages 6 to 13 years old. The creative writers behind IRON KID are Nicole Dubuc (Jackie Chan Adventures, Dragontales), Ben Townsend, (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and one of Spain's well known film and videogame producers, Javier Martínez (Medal of Honor, The Wacky Adventures of Ronald MacDonald).

IRON KID takes place in the robot year of 617, after the first Robot World War for mankind has broken out. A robot army led by the ruthless General Kaiser is out to conquer the World. One human warrior, the enigmatic Eon stands against the mechanical horde armed with one of the most devastating weapons ever developed – the Iron Fist. 100 years have passed since; with memories of the war fading slowly only the rumors about the Iron Fist of Eon still existing somewhere remains a legend. For more information, please visit:

Manga Entertainment Inc. specializes in the production and distribution of Japanese animation for theatrical, DVD and home video release worldwide. Manga's cutting-edge film collection also features Asian live-action, cult, pop-culture and international animation. The Manga film library is marketed and distributed in the U.S. through Anchor Bay Entertainment. Manga is headquartered in Chicago and has offices in London and Tokyo.

Manga Entertainment is an Anchor Bay Entertainment Company. Anchor Bay Entertainment is an established leader in the field of home entertainment. The company offers an expansive selection of award-winning, notable theatrical films including “Time Bandits” and “Halloween,” classic television programming such as “3rd Rock from the Sun,” “Three's Company,” “Highlander” and much of the Stephen J. Cannell library, traditional children's fare featuring the ever-popular Thomas & Friends collection and Mister Rogers Neighborhood, the impressive Manga anime line and chart-topping fitness titles including the "Crunch" and "For Dummies" series. Anchor Bay Entertainment is aggressively developing a wide range of original programs and concepts in addition to licensing existing brands and films.

Anchor Bay Entertainment is a subsidiary of IDT Entertainment. IDT Entertainment is a vertically integrated entertainment company that develops, produces, and distributes proprietary and licensed entertainment content. IDT Entertainment is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation (NYSE:IDT, IDT.C), an international telecom, entertainment, and technology company.

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