Del Rey Manga Acquires Four New Kodansha Titles


(New York, NY; October 6, 2005)—Del Rey Manga, an imprint of The Random House Publishing Group, announced today the acquisition of four new Kodansha manga properties for publication in Summer 2006. The four titles are:

· Pichi Pichi Pitch (May 2006, Ages 13+) by Michiko Yokote and Pink Hanamori is a magical girls' story in the tradition of Sailor Moon. Luchia is a mermaid princess of one of the seven mermaid kingdoms, and like the other six princesses, she possesses a magic pearl. When Luchia gives her pearl to a young boy to save him from drowning one night, she has little idea what the consequences will be for the both of them. To save her kingdom from an evil force, Luchia must somehow retrieve her pearl.

· ES (June 2006, ages 16+) by Fuyumi Soryo, creator of the best-selling Mars! The ES (Eternal Sabbath) gene was created by man in the pursuit of immortality; those who possess it can live for two centuries. But the gene gives the ES clones unexpected powers, and while one clone uses his gifts to create a life for himself, the other devotes himself to the destruction of humanity.

· Kurogane (July 2006, 16+) by Kei Tome, author of Lament of the Lamb, is the strange story of a samurai brought back from death and the depths of hell, only to find himself without a home, family, friends, or any memory of his past life! Worse, he finds himself living trapped inside a robotic metal shell. Determined to discover if his new life has some kind of meaning, he wanders the countryside of medieval Japan, and changes forever the lives of those he encounters in his journeys.

· Q-ko-chan (Aug 06, 13+) by Ueda Hajime, artist for the best-selling FLCL! (Fooly Cooly). The bizarre and hilarious story of an alien girl sent to invade earth, Q-ko-chan features the quirky art style that has won Hajime countless fans throughout the world.

Summer 2006 will also see the launch of Del Rey's new line of manga for mature readers, leading off with the critically acclaimed and eagerly anticipated BASILISK (June 2006) by Futaro Yamada and Masaki Segawa.

About Del Rey:

Del Rey Books ( was founded in 1977 as a division of Ballantine Books under the guidance of the renowned Judy-Lynn Del Rey and her husband, Lester Del Rey. Del Rey publishes the best of modern fantasy, science fiction, alternate history and manga. Ballantine Books is an imprint of the Random House Publishing Group, which is a publishing group of Random House, Inc, the U.S. publishing company of Random House, the trade book publishing division of Bertelsmann AG, one of the world's leading international media companies. In the summer of 2003, Random House joined together with Kodansha in a creative partnership to bring some of Kodansha's top properties to the United States, making Random House the first major trade book publisher in the United States to do so.

About Kodansha Ltd., Publishers:

Kodansha is the largest trade book and magazine publisher in Japan. Founded in 1909, the company by virtue of its long history, the quality of its publishing, and its established network of sales and marketing is regarded as the trade book market leader in the publishing business in Japan. Moreover, Kodansha has been recognized as the leading publisher with a mission to introduce Japan through its publishing business.

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