Sakura-ConOffers Game Play Certificates to Pre-Registrants

Sakura-Con Welcomes GameWorks as a New Sponsor with first ever FREE Game Play certificates for eligible pre-registants.

Seattle, WA- 12-30-2005 Another great reason to register for Sakura-Con now!
Sakura-Con is pleased to welcome GameWorks as a new sponsor in a first ever pre-registration incentive! Pre-registrants for Sakura-Con will each receive 30 minutes in FREE game play from GameWorks valued at $10 (subject to limitations; see details below). Yes folks, this does include the wise souls who've already pre-registered! For those of you who may not know, GameWorks is Sakura-Con's neighbor in downtown Seattle and a destination stop in it's own right. Located adjacent to the Washington State Convention Center, GameWorks, now owned by SEGA, features state of the art gaming, entertainment, food and drinks. Everything a gamer could want, from classic games like Pac Man, to anime fan favorites, such as DDR and Initial D can be found at GameWorks! Pre-register now before the GameWorks certificates run out!

Details: Full Pre-registrations, up to the first 6000, received by February 28th 2006, either via mail or paypal will be eligible for one GameWorks Seattle $10.00 gameplay certificate. Note that badge numbers may not correspond to order of pre-registration. The GameWorks certificates will be handed out with the eligible pre-registered Sakura-Con badges at the convention and are redeemable for gameplay until 12/31/06. All other terms and limitations, if any, are subject to the discretion of GameWorks. See your certificate for details. Last but not least, of course, while at GameWorks you will be subject to GameWorks rules and policies. For more information about GameWorks visit them on the web at

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