4Kids Home Video Debuts Sonic X Volume 9: Into the Darkness on DVD

Jan 20th 2006


NEW YORK, N.Y. (January 20, 2006) – 4Kids Entertainment Home Video, Inc., the home video unit of 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: KDE), in association with FUNimation Entertainment, will release the much anticipated Sonic X Into the Darkness on DVD on February 7, 2006.

When the orbiting Egg Moon blocks out the sun, Team Sonic's New Year celebration is thrown in darkness. Using his giant mirror towers, a presumably sincere Eggman quickly restores the light and becomes the town hero.

Yet Sonic, suspecting another Eggman trick, topples the towers and becomes public enemy #1. Are Sonic's doubts justified, or has Eggman finally changed his ways?

Get set for defective detectives, gadgets gone wild, broken dates, prison breaks and great escapes in Sonic X Volume 9: Into the Darkness!

The events of the six action packed episodes follow:

Defective Detectives – Vector, Espio, and Charmy, three creatures from Sonic's world, crash into the Earth! Coincidentally, the three run a detective company and were hired to solve Cream's disappearance long ago. At first suspicious that Sonic may be responsible for her disappearance, the three soon discover a misunderstanding and Cream is happily reunited with her mother. In the meantime, Eggman cuts a deal with the President and rebuilds the moon.

Sunblock Solution – When a malfunctioning Egg Moon causes an unexpected eclipse of the sun, Sonic and co.'s New Year celebration is overshadowed! In an attempt to save the day, Eggman illuminates the town with giant Mirror Towers that power his specially designed Sunshine Balls. While the town praises Eggman as a hero, Sonic is skeptical and, to everyone else's shock, begins knocking down the Mirror Towers.

Eggman for President –When the town starts getting gout of control and angry with Sonic for destroying the towers, he must reveal the truth. Eggman intentionally caused the Egg Moon to block the sunlight so that he could brainwash the town with his Sunshine Balls! Knuckles then kicks the Egg Moon out of the way so that town may have sunlight once again.

A Date to Forget – When Sonic forgets about the race he planned with the S-Team Leader and his date with Amy, Amy is furious! Amy goes on a date with the S-Team leader to look for Sonic, but the two must first stop a jail-break attempt by Eggman. Later, Amy finally comes to understand Sonic's need for speed.

Mean Machines – The city is overrun by maniacal household appliances when Eggman creates appliance-controlling chips. Just when all hope is about to be lost, Sonic and Co. discover that the appliances' weakness is water and are able to save the city.

Sewer Search – When the search for Eggman begins, Chris and Co. chase Eggman through the sewers but are captured by the mustached fiend in the end. Finally Sonic comes to the rescue and, with Emeril's help, fights his way out of Eggman's underground lair.

TITLE: Sonic X Volume 9: Into the Darkness
Episode 139: Defective Detectives
Episode 140: Sunblock Solution
Episode 141: Eggman for President
Episode 142: A Date to Forget
Episode 143: Mean Machines
Episode 144: Sewer Search

RUNNING TIME: 130 Minutes
SRP: $14.98

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