Lime Manga launches at NYC Comic-con


Bernardsville, NJ, February 22, 2006 - Lime, a new manga studio from New Jersey, will officially launch at the NYC Comic-Con, the largest comic book convention to hit the East Coast in over ten years. Lime is currently hard at work on two new manga series for Tokyopop Germany, to be announced very soon.

To celebrate the launch of the studio, Lime will have two original doujinshi on sale at its booth (Booth 457). These square-bound manga are self-made, short-run publications that are celebrated in Japan at douijinshi shows like Comic Market or Comiket, attended bi-annually by over 300'000 Manga fans.

“We're excited to introduce the spirit of doujinshi to the manga-hungry audience at the NYC Comic-Con. You can clearly see the enthusiasm we have for our stories in the final result. “They turned out gorgeous and are truly a labor of love,”says Lime co-creator David Boller.

Karma follows the supernatural misadventures of the three bumbling ghosts, Beezer, Ohm and Victoria-Rose in the Otherworld. They're willing and eager to move on to the other side but their thievish and deceiving nature has prevented them from crossing over. In light of so much bad Karma, Gatekeeper Nathan doesn't see any hope for success, unless they change their ways. Grudginly, they attempt a fresh start. But is there any hope for these lost spirits? Rendered by Lime lead artist Mary Hildebrandt, these bizarre and burtonesque characters are sure to please most fans of gothic manga.

*GILT* dwells into the lives of eccentric painter Jonathan Gilt and lawyer, Keiji Shioko. Shioko is an estate attorney by day and art collector by night. His life is moving in predictable patterns until he sees the intoxicating art of up and coming painter Jonathan Gilt. Everything in his live changes and he gets embroiled in the unconventional world of the New York fine-art scene. A place full of colorful characters, corruption and deceit. A guilty pleasure, if there ever was one. Lead artist David Boller, excellently portrays the beautiful but disturbed inhabitants of the Soho art scene in this one-of-kind shonen-ai tale.

Both 48-page, squarebound doujinshi will also be available online and as web-manga in bi-weekly updates at Lime's website “We plan to have more activities online, as the weeks go on. Like online, visual novel games and other interactive diversions. Just stuff that nobody else is really doing, yet,” explains Mary Hildebrandt.

Both main members of Lime had extensive previous experience in the industry. Mary Hildebrandt (daughter of renowned fantasy illustrator Greg Hildebrandt) has been drawing since an early age and has achieved some success as a children's book artist. Swiss-American artist David Boller, creator of cult classic comic Kaos Moon, formerly published by Caliber in the US & Heavy Metal in Europe, brings a truly multi-national touch to Lime. World Manga in the truest sense of the word.

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