Voice Actors Take the Central Coast By Storm at The Grand Opening of Anime Express in Paso Robles

Dateline: November 6, 2006 … Paso Robles, CA
Contact Name: Jason E. Newton
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Address: http://www.animeexpress.com

PASO ROBLES, CA - November 6, 2006 - Anime Express, a Central Coast retailer of Japanese animation (called “anime”), video games and Hello Kitty merchandise will open its second store at 183-A Niblick Road in the Woodland Plaza in Paso Robles on November 11, 2006. In order to celebrate the grand opening of the new store, Anime Express has secured well known voice actors Sandy Fox and Lex Lang and local comic book (called “manga” in Japanese) artist Irene Flores.

“We are very excited for the opening of our second store,” says owner Jason Newton.”When my wife and I opened the San Luis Obispo store five years ago, it was our idea to bring Japanese entertainment to all areas of the Central Coast and the opening of the North County store and our website (http://www.animeexpress.com ) is a big step in the right direction for us.”

Fox, Lang and Flores will offer the Central Coast residents a very unique opportunity to get autographs, ask questions and take pictures. “Usually fans will have to travel long distances to anime conventions in order to meet voice actors and artists from their favorite shows and manga series,” observes owner Brandie Newton. “But now they won't even have to leave the area.”

The Grand Opening event will also feature a drawing for the new Nintendo Wii (pronounced “we” video game system. “This is just our way of saying thank you to all the people who have supported us over the last five years and to say 'hello' to those will be supporting us at the Paso Robles store and beyond,” adds Jason Newton.

About Anime Express

Established in 2001, Anime Express is the Central Coast 's largest provider of Japanese animation, video games, manga (Japanese comic books) and Hello Kitty merchandise. Anime Express is the brainchild of two former Cal Poly students, Brandie and Jason Newton , who have been fans and collectors of these products for years. They first thought of the idea of selling import specialty items in San Luis Obispo due to the extreme popularity of these items in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Until the store opened, a Central Coast anime fan would have to drive 250 miles north or south to get the selection that Anime Express offers. Now, shoppers from King City to Lompoc drive only a short distance to get the entertainment products they want. For more information, visit their website at http://www.animeexpress.com

For more information, contact Jason Newton at 805-544-6463 or 805-441-4692 (cell) or email: [email protected]

About Sandy Fox

Sandy Fox has been working in the voice over industry for over 15 years. She got her first job doing kids' voices on the Simpsons, which then led to work on Futurama and King of the Hill. She is well known as the voice of "Betty Boop" for Universal's Orlando theme park Islands of Adventure. She has also voiced “Harmony” in Hi Hi Puffy Yumi Ami on Cartoon network, “Sumomo” in Chobits, “Tachikoma” in Ghost in the Shell, “Marie” in Hare GUU, “H anna h” in AstroBoy , “Risky” in Risky-Safety and “Monica” in Heat Guy J. Sandy is also well known for singing the American version of "Freckles", the opening theme song in Rurouni Kenshin as well as the songs for Magic Knight RayEarth. You have also heard her voice as “Mireille” in .hack//SIGN, “Princess Aska” in Magic Knight Rayearth, “Mipsy Mipson” in Nickelodeon's As Told by Ginger, and “T-AI” in Fox's Transformers. She plays “A-20”, “Mimiru” and “Mistral” in the .HACK games, “Morona” in Play! station 2's Phantom Brave, “Princess Fillet” in Brave Fencer Musashi, “Tiki Musicanova” in GENESHAFT and so much more!!! She is currently recording on the shows Saiyuki Reload, Hare Guu, Nickelodeon's Super John Doe and several top secret video games! Sandy brings over 27 years of entertainment experience to her work and teaching. For more information visit her web site at http://www.sandyfoxworld.com

About Lex Lang

Lex Lang is one of Hollywood 's most well known voice actors and voice directors, has been voice acting just over 10 years. He can currently be heard with Martin Short on Comedy Central's smash hit, Prime Time Glick as the announcer, celebrity voice match, and the added voices throughout the show. He is the voice of HBO's International Boxing, and his voice can be heard on the animated shows Avatar, Justice League Unlimited, Witch Hunter Robin, Batman, Legion of Superheroes and more... His recent ADR credits include HBO's Entourage, WB's Gilmore Girls, and the Stephen Kings Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Lex is known worldwide for voicing the anime characters “Sanosuke Sagara” in Rurouni Kenshin, “Goemon” in Lupin the Third, “Sanzo” in Saiyuki Reload, “Crim” in Dot Hack, “Kimishima” in Scryed, “Nagira” in Witch Hunter Robin, “Shouryuu” in The Twelve Kingdoms, “Captain Herlock” in Captain Herlock, “Zagato”, “Lantis”, “Rune Gods”, “Windam” and “Rayearth” in ! Magic Knight Rayearth and many, many, many more!

Lex can also be heard in hit playstation and Xbox games as “Dr. Neo Cortex” in Crash Bandicoot's Twinsanity, “Han Solo” in Star Wars Empire at War, “Beast Rider” in Knights of the Old Republic II, “Ash” in Phantom Brave as well as “Drill Instructor Lt. David Phillips” in the Full Spectrum Warrior game series, and many more...

Recipient of the Excellence in Acting Award from The JFK Center for Performing Arts and The American College Theatre Festival's Outstanding Actor Award, Lex has had a wide variety of performance experience. He has played the leading role in over 40 stage productions, toured the southwest as a stand up comic, and played with his band LeXLang throughout southern California and Nevada.

About Irene Flores

Irene Flores, an artist, was born in the Philippines and raised on Japanese cartoons - Astroboy, Voltron, and Hayao Miyazaki movies - a diet that eventually grew to incorporate her brother's Marvel comic books. When she was 12, she moved to Lompoc , where's she's lived ever since. Her first graphic novel, “The Mark of the Succubus” was released last year and volume two is due in stores on November 7th.

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