FanimeCon Announces Lineup for MusicFest 2007

SAN JOSE, CA / March 27, 2007 – FanimeCon is pleased to announce the lineup for MusicFest 2007, which includes international and local talent from Visual Kei to punk rock to pop. Performing all weekend long at MusicFest will be Crack 6, MECHANiCAL PANDA, and Karma Shenjing. A special one-night performance by ZZ on Thursday night (May 24th) will mark the start of MusicFest. This special performance will only be available to members that have pre-registered or early-registered for FanimeCon.

MusicFest will be held in Ballroom J within the San Jose Convention Center, with performances throughout the Memorial Day weekend.

About FanimeCon – FanimeCon is a matsuri (celebration) of Anime, Manga, and related arts and cultures. Held annually over Memorial Day Weekend in Downtown San Jose, approximately 10,000 people joined the fun in 2006. FanimeCon is "by fans, for fans," and offers innovative, interactive events that explore cultures, showcases the arts, and creates opportunities to be a part of the festivities.
FanimeCon features MusicFest, Masquerade Theater, Anime Screenings, Asian Films, Fanime Music Videos (FMVs), Artists' Colony, Cosplay, Gaming, Cultural Demos, Martial Arts, Guests from around the world, Panel Discussions, Workshops, a 50,000 square foot Dealer's Hall and much more. FanimeCon 2007 will be held from May 25th – 28th at the San Jose Convention Center, the San Jose Marriott, and the San Jose Hilton and Towers.
To find out what's in store and learn more about FanimeCon, please visit: (official website)

About Anime Resource Group – Anime Resource Group (ARG) is the parent organization behind FanimeCon, providing organizational vision and direction, as well as a financial and legal infrastructure. As with FanimeCon, ARG is completely volunteer-based as well as a privately-held S Corporation located in San Jose, California.

About Crack 6 – Crack 6 is a Japanese rock band consisting of MSTR (Chisato from PENICILLIN) (vocals/guitar) and SHIGE (guitar/producer). They are bringing their heavy sound to FanimeCon as their first U.S. appearance. For more information, please visit: (official website) (English information) (samples)

About MECHANiCAL PANDA – MECHANiCAL PANDA is an indy all-girl band consisting of Ren (vocalist/guitar) and isa (bass). With their self-styled "digital loud rock," MECHANiCAL PANDA has long excited crowds in Tokyo with their high energy Japanese rock. They also performed with Uchusentai Noiz at Pactific Media Expo 2006. For more information, please visit: (official website) (English information)

About ZZ – ZZ is a Japanese mixture band on the avex trax label consisting of SOTARO (vocals), ERICHI (keyboard), KYAMA (bass), MATSUURA (drums), KOHSUKE (guitarist and leader). They have toured extensively throughout Japan, Asia, and Northern America. Popular songs include "SAMURAI BLUE" (the rallying theme for the Japanese soccer team during the 2006 World Cup) and songs for TV shows such as Eyeshield 21, ONE PIECE, and Samurai Gun. For more information, please visit: (official website) (English information)

About Karma Shenjing – Karma Shenjing is a Visual Japanese Rock ("J-Rock") group that consists of RAIRIN (vocals), IKUTO (guitar/synthesizer), SHINO (guitar), and SAKIKA (bass). They have wowed crowds in several U.S. appearances with their distinct look and Asian-influenced sound. For more information, please visit: (official website)

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