A-Pop Mix Show on Otaku Life Radio by DJ ASU

Bear, Delaware – October 3, 2007, – DJ ASU of TenBu Productions hosts A-Pop Mix Show on Otaku Life Radio.

Asu, of TenBu Productions and creator of the Mangaka "Cove Pirate Mercenary" will be DJing a weekly radio mix show featuring Asian pop music every Friday night on the online and Local Bear, Delaware radio broadcast, Otaku Life Radio.

Going under the call name “DJ ASU” for the show, TenBu Productions' President, Austell “Asu” Callwood will spin a two hour show that will feature all types of Asian pop music including J-Pop, K-Pop, J-rock, K-rock, Anime Soundtracks, and more every Friday night from 8-10PM- Eastern Standard Time on Otaku Life Radio. DJ ASU and Otaku Life Radio hopes that the show will bring awareness to the many types of Asian pop music, some of which have been overlooked or undiscovered by Asian Pop music lovers in the West.

The “DJ ASU A-Pop Mix Show” is scheduled to begin on October 5 and will be the start of the new program format that Otaku Life Radio is putting together for their worldwide streaming broadcast listeners that can range nearly 2000 at any given time. Other program themes they plan include Cosplay, local Japanese trends and J-pop news and comments. Many shows will be accessible to nationwide real time callers through their “Toll Free” number.

Shows can be heard through their web-stream accessible at: www.otakuliferadio.com
Or on their physical radio broadcast station in Bear, Delaware: WOTK 88.3 FM.

DJ ASU got his start as a DJ in 1986 in his birth place of St. Thomas USVI where he first learned how to mix beats, scratch and produce music through his love of Hip Hop, R&B, House, and Reggae. Growing up through the heyday of Hip Hop DJing where today's modern DJ styles and techniques were originally created and developed, DJ ASU was able to construct a natural style of DJing that blends beats and melodies into sometime complex sounding but unique and intriguing mixes. In the late 90's the lack of original music and sounds that originally inspired him to create his style forced him to explore other areas of music that included amongst others, J-Pop. At Anime Mid Atlantic this summer the crowd attending the Unicorn Table concert got a first hand glimpse of his scratching ability as he DJ'd a quick intermission stint with Guitarist shin-go of the group. Today DJ ASU specializes in mixing old School Hip Hop and R&B as well as Asian Pop Music. Though he will spin CDs or use software when needed, DJ ASU's choice of media will always be records.

Otaku Life Radio is a professional “real time” broadcast radio station and online stream that specializes in Asian pop culture news and events. Founded in late 2006 Otaku Life Radio is an officially licensed and certified broadcast station with its own radio transmitter located in Bear, Delaware and broadcasting at WOTK 88.3 FM. Mostly focusing on their streaming broadcast to be able to reach a worldwide audience, Otaku Life Radio is able to host over 2000 listeners at one time as well as offer private listening sessions for clubs on alternative servers.
One of the first, if not the only real time Radio broadcast specializing in 24 Anime / J-pop culture and news in the US, Otaku Life Radio specializes in Anime and Manga reviews, news, gaming, entertainer interviews, convention reviews, music and more.

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