D.I.Y Cosplay Hour on Otaku Life Radio Hosted by Pixie Kitty and Neongenocide

Delaware – October 31, 2007, – Pixie Kitty and Neongenocide of pixiekitty.net will be hosting the D.I.Y Cosplay Hour on Otaku Life Radio.

Pixie Kitty and Neongenocide, two professional cosplayers and founders of pixiekitty.net, will be hosting the live D.I.Y Cosplay Hour every Wednesday night at 8 pm EST on the online radio station Otaku Life Radio.

These two professional cosplayers will host a show that will discuss all aspects of cosplaying and costume creation including armor creation, character selection, on-the-fly costume fixes, and much, much more live every Wednesday night from 8pm-9pm on Otaku Life Radio. Otaku Life Radio hopes that the D.I.Y. Cosplay Hour will help any cosplayer, veteran and amateur, with all of the listeners' questions by allowing the listeners to ask questions live through Otaku Life Radio's Chat room or by emailing Pixie Kitty and Neongenocide at [email protected]

The “D.I.Y Cosplay Hour” is part of the new program format Otaku Life Radio is putting together for their worldwide listeners that can range nearly 2000 at any given time. Other program themes they plan include anime and manga news, local Japanese trends and J-pop news and comments. Many shows will be accessible to nationwide real time callers through their “800” number.

Shows can be heard through their web-stream accessible at: www.otakuliferadio.com

About Otaku Life Radio:

Otaku Life Radio is a professional real time broadcast radio station that specializes in Asian pop culture news and events. Founded in early 2007 Otaku Life Radio is an officially licensed and certified broadcast station with its own radio transmitter located in Delaware. Mostly focusing on their streaming broadcast to be able to reach a worldwide audience Otaku Life Radio is able to host over 2000 listeners at one time as well as offer private listening sessions for clubs on alternative servers.

One of the first, if not the only real time Radio broadcast specializing in 24 Anime / J-pop culture and news in the US, Otaku Life Radio specializes in Anime and Manga reviews, news, gaming, entertainer interviews, convention reviews, music and more.

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