Marco Polo, Si, Rinkya Can Ciao Italia from Japan

Marco Polo, Si, Rinkya Can Ciao Italia from Japan!

Tempe, AZ and Tokyo, Japan – January 19, 2008. Italy was founded in 1848, principally by Giuseppe Garibaldi and Camillo Benso, conte di Cavour. Of course the area isn't totally unknown having been the seat of the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church and other, slightly smaller institutions. The area was also home to such noted creators of collectibles as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Titian and other people whose works end up on the top half of calendars. 2008, however, promises big things for the Italian Peninsula as Rinkya, the world's premier deputy service for the Japanese internet debuts it's Italian site, and opens Italy to the wonderful world of Japanese collectibles and products.

The voice of the Japanese internet shopping, in English, since 2001, Rinkya has expanded it's horizons to provide the Japanese internet shopping experience to Italy, providing the same quality translations, service and shipping that have made it the number one service in English.

Rinkya's Italian reflection offers all the features that has made Rinkya the biggest and best of the deputy services for Japanese internet stores and auctions.

Now that we have proven ourselves bi-lingual,” says Rinkya CEO, Heather Russell, “I'm confident that Rinkya will provide more and better services to customers worldwide. We are proving that we can communicate effectively in both English and Italian.

“Rinkya's mission,” continues Heather, “is to bring the World together, even if we have to do it one package at a time. 2008 represents both a personal victory and a business step forward for Rinkya. Not only are we providing the largest and most comprehensive access to Japanese internet goods to the rest of the world, but we are now doing that in two languages. And that's important. Like Marco Polo once brought the Orient home to Italy and opened up the World, Rinkya aims at the same goal. So it is no mistake that Rinkya Italy opens up the Japanese Internet to the European Union through the Italian peninsula. After all, it was Marco Polo who first brought China to Europe, now we're bringing Japan, a little step forward. But then all progress is done a step at a time. Un piccolo passo. In precisely the right direction.”

France was founded by Hugh Capet, in 987, it's had a few ups and downs since. “Hmm,” says Heather.

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Elaine Gross,
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Heather Russell
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