Japan's Boom Boom Satellites Re-enter the US with Anime Feature "Vexille" Splashing Down on 5/20/08 (Updated)

Update: Boom Boom Satellites' representative requested that the duo's website be added to the press release.

Los Angeles, CA April 21, 2008 Move over Akira, after decades of Japanese Anime domination, from the makers of Appleseed here comes Vexille and the high-tech uber-electro-rock sound of the Boom Boom Satellites. "Vexille," the new futuristic Tokyo aftermath anime DVD movie introduces the new hit song "Easy Action" by Japan's Boom Boom Satellites, a prelude to their new forthcoming US album "Exposed."

Call it Electro-Dance-Rock infused with J-Rock or just "Power-boosted Future Rock," the Japanese duo The Boom Boom Satellites launch a new album "Exposed" on Sony Music Japan with major success at retail and multiple sold-out shows on tour in Japan. Now with the help of US "indie-mixture" label N2O Records (known for Omar Rodriguez Lopez' Mars Volta solo albums, Slipknot's DJ Starscream's solo debut, and pressing up massive amounts of dubstep, J-Core, and metal jungle vinyl) the Boom Boom Satellites new-type sound of J-rock will make it's way to the US by way of Vexille. Having toured the US with the legendary hip hop breakbeat creator and Sony label-mate DJ Krush two-years ago and making a huge media splashdown at Miami's Winter Music Conference, the Boom Boom Satellites are steadily firing off some big high quality global sounds with a major animation movie tie-in to launch their 2nd wave attack on the now electro-friendly US market. "The Boom Boom Satellites are the most high tech and high quality band I've ever seen and much like everything in Japan right now, they are ahead of their time in every aspect from breakbeats, equipment, recording production, lyrics, live sound, lighting, visuals and even promotion tie-ins with die-cast chrome dipped Medicom [email protected] toys," says N2O label creator Nate "N8LOC" Shimizu.
Boom Boom Satellites America website

After several successful European tours and major shows with Daft Punk, Underworld, Moby, Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy and Justice, the band has certainly warmed up the worldwide market for their trademark brand of electronic-dance-rock from Tokyo. Just the description sounds fresh and ripe for today's digital era of crossover post White Stripes indie-punk-new wave-dance-rock taking the US by storm. "These guys are doing it all by making sounds for club DJ's, iPods, vinyl fans, indie radio, TV, movies, commercials, and other back room creators of coolness," adds N8LOC. The Boom Boom Satellites have honed their unique craft over the years through extensive European tours, adding multi-towered arsenals of new super high-tech sound gear, tricked-out digital V-Drums and Apple Macintosh Powerbooks packed with the latest plug-ins and pro-audio software, along the with their trademark uber-cool flying-V guitars and Pokemon death inducing light shows.

Easy Action

Long gone are the days of broken English Shonen Knife and Boredoms era lyrics of the first Japan invasion. The Boom Boom crew are coming to rock the US. They won't be lost in translation, nor be sporting visual J-rock make up and and gothic attire. The US music market has been in a long panic for something new and the Boom Boom Satellites are unleashing the answer to the question, "What's next?"

Vexille subtitled trailer includes "Easy Action"

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