Forbidden Pleasures: Takii 7 ~Simply Sins"Asian"al~ Announces It's "7 Deadly SINs"Asian"s", Final Pre-Reg Deadline, & Tons More

March 25th, 2009 -- Upper Darby, PA -- What, you think we haven't been busy the last few months, eh? Shame, shame, shame, quite the contrary. With only 4 weeks to go before "the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival", there is plenty to unveil, discuss, & enjoy. That also means it's about that time to unleash to the world 1 of TAKII 7's best kept secrets for the season....

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the latest developments on the TAKII website, PDNMZ Feedback Fourm, & Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network, we are proudly excited to announce the centerpieces of this season's momentous celebration: TAKII's 7 Deadly SINs"ASIAN"s!

ASIAN REALITY TV/GAME SHOWS - You simply have not lived until you have either taken part in an Asian gameshow (which TAKII fans will get to do this season), or at least watch some of them on TV. From commonfolk to pop stars, people in Japan & elsewhere are subjected to tasks in shows like "Takeshi's Castle" & "Gaki no Tsukai" that force them to do things such as eating marshmallows yards away while being tied down to a rubber band, race through a Mario-esque platform stage while avoiding ninjas, & things we simply cannot mention here cause they are that extreme. God bless those who subject themselves to paying homage to this SINs"ASIAN" at TAKII 7!

FUSION GAMING - Whoever thought even 10 years ago that we would ever live to see the day where Mario & Sonic would team up on a game that wasn't modded in a ROM to satisfy someone's sick fantasy (LOL)? Well, with the coming of game companies buying each other out & the wild success of "VS Series" games (ie: Marvel VS Capcom 2, Smash Bros., & Shonen Jump All-Stars, to name a few), fusion gaming has become an international mainstay that will allow TAKII 7 attendees to make their dream matches of Scorpion VS Catwoman a reality.

KARAOKE - People do it everywhere, from in the shower to in church & every place in-between. ....we're talking about KARAOKE, you dirty-minded deviants! It's been an Asian mainstay in the Far East for decades & has grown into something Americans tend to enjoy most when drunk . Unless you are like Ashlee Simpson or Milli Vanilli, then a karaoke backtrack at TAKII 7 will be your friend, as you can sing to your heart's content & win prizes in the process!

YAOI/YURI - People who are into the yaoi/yuri subculture Japanese fandom have for too long been misunderstood. It's not all about the boobage & male frontal nudity -- it's about the powerful plots, dramatic storylines, & inspiring themes that run through so many gay-oriented series in a wide variety of forms. Yaoi/yuri fans, stand up & unite @ TAKII 7!

OBSCENE # OF CHARACTERS - Street Fighter. Final Fantasy. King Of Fighters. Suikoden. Super Mario. Tekken. DragonBall Z. 1 Piece. Pokemon. The list goes on & on when it comes to series & franchises that have an obscene number of characters for no other reason than to drive us all insane, especially at TAKII 7's "Vid Game Tourneys" & "TLO Video Lounge"!

COSPLAY - For those of you who don't know what "cosplaying" is, it's the act of dressing up as your favorite character/personality from anime, manga, TV, movies, or otherwise. Others take it to a whole new level in actually sounding & acting like their namesakes & winning prizes at festivals like TAKII 7's "Cosplay Battle Royale". No matter how you look at it, cosplaying has grown to be an internationally well-respected artform that many imitate, but very few are ever able to master.
ASIAN DRAMAS - Whoever said that "1 Tree Hill" & "Gossip Girl" were the centers of everyone's lives got smacked around with a yaoi paddle a few times too many (LOL). Coming to TAKII 7 will be a collection of the best & worst Asian dramas to have never been morphed into a poorly-done English rip-off! Bring on the melodramatic family strife & episodes filled with mindless self-reflection -- yay!

To pay tribute to these dynamic heroes of Asian-themed entertainment, every festivity (divided into "#1 Contender's Pass Exclusives" & "Free-For-All Festivities") at TAKII 7 is based on a Deadly SINs"ASIAN", if not a combination thereof. The following festivities are only a small portion of our seasonal premiers, giving TAKII attendees even more chances to win spiffy sway & that all-but-illusive TAKII-branded glory:

LAST OTAKU STANDING - ...."In Japan, it's known as "Isu Tori Game". In Thailand, it's known as "Kao'ee Dontri". In America, it's known as "Musical Chairs". AT TAKII 7, it's fans know it as "Last Otaku Standing", our extreme twist on a tried & true classic game of epic proportions! Sound simple, right? Just when you think you have all of the answers, we change the questions...."
TAKII REQUEST LIVE PLUS - ....""Request Live PLUS" will give festival fanatics the opportunity to select their favorite Asian music videos from the official PDNMZ collection on the big screen (as can be seen & heard on AMEN) while enjoy the musings of people sending out special dedications, going hardcore fanboy over their favorite guest(s), & many other moments that are sure to become part of TAKII lore for centuries to come...."

CAPCOM SHOWDOWN SMACKDOWN - ...."#1 Contender's Pass holders will be chosen at random, taking part in a series of Capcom game-based challenges on systems ranging from old-school Arcade & PS3 & everything in-between. Finalists will be determined by each system that they triumph, with all of those victors battling it out in an ultimate display of gaming glory to crown our 1st-ever "Capcom Showdown SmackDown" World Champion...."
YAOI/YURI GAMING BUFFET - ...."If you are 1 of those TAKII extremists who love to hang out until the lights go out, then you are in for a real treat with TAKII 7's "Yaoi/Yuri Gaming Buffet"! Featuring a pre-determined list of games, players with open minds will be immersed in worlds filled with manlove & ladylust that will pleasure you, heart & soul, for ages to come...."

TAKII ASIAN-MERCIAL CHALLENGE - ...."In the spirit of "Who's Line Is It Anyway" comes TAKII 7's own "TAKII Asian-mercial Challenge". #1 Contender's Pass-holders will be chosen at random & will have to form teams consisting of at least 1 other person. Afterwards, the audience will then be split into guys ("bishounen") & gals ("bishoujo") & will get to select the item the team is to try to sell & the circumstances behind the situation respectively...."
SILENT LIBRARY SHOWDOWN ~GAKI NO TSUKAI~ - ...."On the count of "ichi-ni-san (1-2-3)" from the TAKII fans, contestants will flip playing cards over & the person with the highest card will be forced to perform a super-secret task! On top of that, the entire game must be played IN COMPLETE SILENCE (as if you were in a library), except if the person performing the task has to make a sound(s). If you 1) don't perform the task, or 2) laugh out loud, you will be expelled from the game. A champion will be determined by the person who receives the most applause from the audience...."

YAOI/YURI YOWZA! - ...."In further celebration of all that is yaoi/yuri, TAKII proudly presents "Yaoi/Yuri YOWZA", a homo-rific, TAKII-style version of the Newlywed Game with plenty of twists & turns for contestants & audience alike to enjoy! People with #1 Contender's Passes will be asked to pair up with someone of the same gender & will be given up to 4 minutes to acquaint themselves with one-another before the game begins...."
SINS"ASIAN"AL CHARADES - ...."All throughout TAKII 7 ~Simply SINs"ASIAN"al~ weekend, attendees will be asked to write down random items & situations on slips of paper & submit them to our TAKII Registration Co-Coordinator. Then when it comes time to play "SINs"ASIAN"al Charades", we will have #1 Contender's Pass peeps gather up on stage to play...."

The past few months have proven to be a period of exponential growth for the fusion festival that almost "never was", & this has been proven (among other ways) by our record-breaking pre-registrant sales, surpassing estimates that have been made in previous seasons! With this being said, it is all the more important that y'all get a hold of your #1 Contender's Passes & Table Slots before the final pre-registration deadline of April 15th, 2009 comes up ($8.00/#1 Contender's Pass, $40.00/Table Slot). With TAKII expanding into twice as much space as it's ever had at The Rotunda (& TAKII 7 being the official christening of this room of epic potential), there will be even more opportunities to purchase TAKII trinkets & swag from our expanding list of dealers & exhibitionists, along with more chances for you to win more prizes in a wider variety of gameshows that will test the limits of your very being. To reserve your spot, check out out "Registration" section for more info:

Yes, times are rough in this rather uncertain world of ours. However, take a moment to close your eyes, open your arms, & embrace your most fond memories of this iconic celebration & be prepared to make history with us once again. Get ready in 4 weeks to enjoy what we promise to be the most jam-packed, inspirational, & awesomely entertaining season of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitationalthat has ever been produced!!!!

...but until then, stay tuned for our upcoming press releases on even more TAKII-exclusive info that will rock you to the "hard-core" foundation of your Asian fandom!!

Established in February 2006, The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational is the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival, featuring 2 main seasons & numerous other co-branded events & performances throughout each year. With maverick innovations such as Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network (AMEN, it's 24/7, Asian fan/otaku-centric online broadcasting & social network), it entertains, inspires, & enriches the lives of its fans worldwide on a continuous basis.

TAKII 7 ~Simply SINs"ASIAN"al~ is a 2-day celebration of Asian culture's guiltiest pleasures that will be taking place at The Rotunda in Philadelphia, PA on April 25th - 26th, 2009. While entry to the celebration of this 7th season spectacular is free, the moments spent on indulging yourself in everything from yaoi/yuri anime to karaoke will be simply priceless. Dare to compete....dare to defy the odds....dare to take it to the extreme!

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