New Cosplay Application for iPhone and iPod Touch

Firenze, Italia - October 29, 2009 - iCosplay, the new Application dedicated to the world of Cosplayers


Here is iCosplay, a new and original application for iPhone and iPod Touch dedicated to Cosplayers and all those who want to amaze friends with new and funny images. iCosplay allows, in few simple steps, to carry your own photos into the fantastic world of manga and anime from Japan. Through a wide library of elements, users can transform themselves as their favorite character, trying ever new combinations.

What's Cosplay?

"Cosplay" is the fusion of two words: costume and play. The term describes a social phenomenon, originated in Japan, which consists in wearing a costume that is a look-alike of a manga character or Japanese videogames. Today, Cosplay is a global phenomenon that involves fans and curious people around the world.

How iCosplay works?

iCosplay interface is very easy and amusing. Users can choose a photo from the library or take a picture via iPhone, at that point you can select one or more stickers to paste your image on. With a touch of a finger users can resize, rotate each item and add customized comics with text. The created picture can be saved on iPhone / iPod Touch, sent via e-mail or posted on Facebook and Twitter.

iCosplay and Facebook

iCosplay allows users to directly publish the new customized pictures in their Facebook account, sharing them with friends, post comments or use them as profile image.

iCosplay and Twitter

Once the new image is created, the user can upload it to TwitPic directly through ones Twitter account, insert a comment and share them with friends

iCosplay and Appstore

In addition to the full version at a promotional price, the free version of iCosplay LITE will soon be available plus new packages of stickers are coming soon.

How to reach iCosplay

You can find iCosplay on iTunes to view further details or to download the application, just type the name into the search form. You can also click on the link below:

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