Barbican Film Japanimation May-June 2010: Summer Wars, Dante's Inferno, King of Thorn

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Japanimation May-June 2010
Box Office: 0845 120 7527

Tuesday 25 May (Part of Animate the World 2010)
Helen McCarthy introduces an action-packed anime double bill.
In Japanese with English subtitles
6.15pm – Summer Wars (#) (Japan 2009 Dir. Mamoru Hosoda 114 min)
Kenji, the nerdy hero of Summer Wars, spends almost his whole life inside the online world of Oz. However, his real and virtual lives become more complex when he meets the beautiful Natsuki and his Oz account is hacked. While disaster ensues in cyber space, the chaos spreads into reality and Kenji with his gaming warriors must fight the rogue program which now threatens the actual world. Director Mamoru Hosoda breaks free of his early mentor Miyazaki's shadow with this highly original and superbly paced new feature.


8.45pm – Dante's Inferno (18) (Japan/Korea/US 2010 84 min)
Visionary animation directors from around the world have collaborated on Dante's Inferno, an epic exploration of Dante Alighieri's classic vision of the nine circles of Hell. Returning from the Crusades to find his family slain and his betrothed Beatrice dragged down into Hell, our hero must search the depths of his own soul before he can defeat Lucifer and release his beloved from everlasting torment. A stunning spectacle of design featuring the voice talents of Mark Hamill, Victoria Tennant and Vanessa Branch.

Tuesday 15 June
8.30pm – King of Thorn (15) (Japan 2010 Dir. Kazuyoshi Katayama 120 min)
Helen McCarthy introduces King of Thorn, a dark anime reworking of the sleeping beauty myth. When the Medusa virus becomes a deadly pandemic, just 160 people are chosen to be cryogenically frozen in the hope that, when they awake, a cure will have been discovered. But it is the monsters that await them that makes for a truly gripping fight for survival. From the sci-fi manga by Yuji Iwahara.
In Japanese with English subtitles
Box Office: 0845 120 7527

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