1st Mini Album "Akatsuki" by Otokage Out on iTunes Music Store on May 12 All Around the World

Formed in 2008, A Ninja band OTOKAGE has made great strides in just two years. Their long-awaited 1st album is finally released!

Reincarnated from another dimension, the Ninja band ”OTOKAGE” rocks the whole world with their musical Ninja-ARTS! Formed in 2008, on August of the same year, their 1st single “Ninpo Ranbu no Justu” got #1 on the United States radio request chart through 9 weeks. In April 2009, they have toured the United States, France, Germany and Holland and gained fans world-wide. The page view of their MySpace got 2 milion hits while they were on the tour. "OTOKAGE" has wide fan base such as anime-fans, Visual Kei fans, Rock & Metal fans, and even kids who love hero shows! In Japan, they were invited to a big summer fes at Shinkiba Studio Coast, the venue with a capacity of 2,500, where international artists perform (such as The Sex Pistols and Nickelback.)

Been about a year from their 3rd single "asura", with their killer Japanese style rock with a hint of anime-song, the long-awaited 1st album "Akatsuki" is finally out for the world!

Our hot from the oven Music Video!
"Idaten Burai (Skanda Outlaw)" from our 1st album "AKATSUKI"

For more information on the album, please look into our press release!

=OTOKAGE Websites=

[Official Website] http://www.otokage.com

[Subofficial page] http://www.audioleaf.com/otokage/

[MySpace] http://www.myspace.com/otokageninja

[Idaten Burai(Skanda Outlaw) Music Clip on Youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuOd2uauCWA

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