Pop Japan Travel Announces Redesigned Mind Over Manga Tour

Gardena, CA (September 10, 2010) - In the interest of bridging the gap between manga artists in Japan and other nations, Pop Japan Travel is proud to announce the third year of a tour designed for manga fans and artists alike: the Mind Over Manga tour.

The tour is one of PJT's most successful ventures in recent years, and the two previous tours have welcomed both manga fans and published artists for over a week of manga-related activites in Japan. The centerpiece of the tour is a visit to Comitia, Japan's largest convention dedicated to the sale and promotion of 100% original manga and art. The event is frequented by famed illustrator Range Murata and a number of Japanese publishers looking for new talent. The Mind Over Manga Tour enables participants to not only attend Comitia, but also sell their own work to show attendees. Beyond Comitia, this year's tour adds an array of features created exclusively for manga enthusiasts, such as a sketch session at a temple, a chance to hang out and draw with Japanese art circles and clubs, and an optional visit to the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art.

PJT Director of Operations Gigi Guiting - who comes from an art background herself - spoke of the desire to make the 2010 Tour more than just a tour from place to place. "We sought to make this year's Mind Over Manga tour a lot more interactive - to give participants the chance to really experience what it's like to be an aspiring manga-ka in Japan." Resident PJT Guide and western manga journalist Evan Miller feels similarly: "There are actually more similarities between manga artists in Japan and the west than most people realize, which is why this tour is so fun - it's a chance to make friends, get a peek at trends in the manga community in Japan, and get a different view of the manga you love."

The tour is scheduled to take off on November 10 and return on November 16, with an optional extended trip to Kyoto and Osaka available after the trip. The trip cost includes airfare, hotel, transportation, admission to all activities, guides, and more. People interested in taking the tour may visit http://www.popjapantravel.com/ or e-mail [email protected] to sign up. All applications are due by October 10.

Since 2003, POP JAPAN TRAVEL has operated countless group tours and custom tours with themes focused on Japanese anime, manga, video games, music, fashion (to name a few) – all at an affordable price. Pop Japan Travel tours offer a careful balance of the hyper-modern world of J-pop culture and the rich traditions of ancient Japan. Additionally, PJT is the ONLY tour agency to provide exclusive experiences such as visits to anime and game studios, meetings with manga artists or designers, and classes at an actual manga school. On every group tour, a friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, and bilingual guide will make sure your experience in Japan is everything you could ever hope it would be, and more.

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