Early Japanese Animation (1931-1963) - Aug 8-12 on Network Awesome

Network Awesome is proud to present a unique exploration of the roots of Japanese animation! This series runs this week from Aug 8-12 and then forever after on our archives. The series begins today with our earliest film, "Our Baseball Match" directed by Chuzo Aoji in 1931, then highlights the work of Kenzo Masaoka, features the first full-length color film from the era, the rare "Panda and the Magic Serpent" from 1959, and ends with Osamu Tezuka's brilliant Astro Boy series from 1963. It's 5 days of magic!

In addition, we'll publish related articles each day on Network Awesome Magazine from guest columnist Cory Gross from Voyages Extraordinaires!
Here's the first chapter: http://networkawesome.com/mag/article/early-japanese-animation-part-i-the-earliest-days/


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Full Schedule Aug 8-12, 2011

Monday - The Early Beginnings
UGOKIE-KO-RI-NO-TATEHIKI (Fox and Raccoon Dog Play Tricks each other) - 1933
Oira no Yakyu (Our Baseball Match) - 1931
The Routing of the Tengu - 1934

Tuesday - Kenzo Masaoka
KUMO-TO-CHURIPPU (The Spider and The Tulip) - 1943
Suteneko Tora-chan (Abandoned Cat Little Tora) - 1947

Wednesday - Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors
Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors - 1944/5 Dir. Kenzo Masaoka

Thursday - After the War
Koneko no Rakugaki - 1957
Panda and the Magic Serpent / The Tale of the White Serpent - 1958

Friday - Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy
Astro Boy: The Birth of Astro Boy (Episode 1) - 1963
Astro Boy: Colosso (Episode 1) - 1963
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