Animeland Wasabi Is Excited To Announce Its First Round of Guests, Including Julie Rei Goldstein, Jan Scott-Frazier, and Steve “Warky” Nunez

Colorado. Thousands of attendees are expected to gather in celebration of Japanese arts, animation, cosplay, and pop culture.

Julie Rei Goldstein - She got her start in the Anime industry after winning the AX Idol 2005 Voice Acting competition, thanks to which she got her first chance to step into the booth and play 'Risa Nagase' in one of her favorite anime series "Paradise Kiss". She landed her first major role as 'Precia Testarossa' the tortured villain of "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (A's)" and shortly thereafter the evil 'Biris' of the Fairy Retrieval Squad in "Tweeny Witches". Since then, she's starred in the Award Winning Claymation Short "Ketchup" as the Evil Manager and Tomato Plant; the Xbox360 game "Magna Carta 2", appeared as furry creatures in "Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom" and gave voice to the burly Mute in "Ar Tonelico Qoga". On camera she appeared in the first season of the webseries "TrishPattyPat" as the mildly bipolar assistant Kitty and in the feature film "He Who Finds a Wife: Thou Shall Not Covet". She recently finished shooting the short film "Billie Speare" which is part of a few causes very near and dear to her heart, the Anti-Bullying Initiative and "It Gets Better" projects. For Julie Rei being a part of this industry is a dream come true and she hopes to help other talented fans pursue their dreams of becoming creators as well. You can keep up with her current projects via Twitter @JulieRei as well as her website

Jan Scott-Frazier - She's been a regular industry guest at major conventions across the country (and in several others!), and we'll be eagerly waiting to see what she's got in store for us. Jan's a classic example of McFly can-do in action: "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." She's worked for and founded animation firms both here and abroad, and has been involved with many aspects of the industry over the last 20 years.

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Musician and Entertainer Steve "Warky" Nunez

We at Animeland are proud to welcome back one of our convention's regulars, Warky! He's a great friend and practically staff - always willing to lend a hand - but he manages to be much more entertaining as well. Since first getting noticed by the fans, the floodgates have since opened and Warky's been invited to dozens of conventions throughout the country, bringing his warm humor and keyboard stylings to the masses. He hasn't let it go to his head, though, and we're happy to bring him back for your enjoyment. Learn more about Warky at his facebook page, warkythechocobo

Events at Animeland Wasabi 2012 will include a Giant dealer's room, two rave dances, a formal ball, video gaming tournaments, guest discussions, autograph sessions, panels, workshops, board gaming, collectible card gaming, anime screenings, and a cosplay contest.

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