Anime Network Announces Book of Bantorra Collection 1 and 2 Giveaway

HOUSTON, TX — May 15, 2012 — In celebration of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, Anime Network invites fans to enter this summer's hit series Book of Bantorra promotional giveway. The first 13 episodes of this hit series are now airing on Video on Demand and Xfinity's Top Picks.

Successful entrants will watch the first six episodes of Book of Bantorra now through June 30 and visit the Book of Bantorra Contest Page to answer a few simple questions.

Book of Bantorra is among four anime titles featured in May's Xfinity Top Picks section celebrating Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, Anime Network. Along with Angel Beats, Elfen Lied and Infinite Stratos, Book of Bantorra was selected because they represent the unique use of colorful illustration, pop music and storytelling indicative of the Japanese art form that has grown in worldwide popularity.

About Book of Bantorra

When a person dies, the soul departs from its body and is crystallized into a book. Written in that book are all the memories of that soul's life. For anyone who touches that book, the dead person's past can be relived…. It is in the Library of Bantorra, run by an elite organization known as the Armed Librarians, that all excavated books are stored. Under the direction of Acting Chief Librarian Hamutz Meseta, all Armed Librarians possess an extraordinary combination of encyclopedic knowledge and fighting skill. For this reason, the Armed Librarians are the most difficult profession to enter in the world. But will they be good enough to stop the fanatics of the Shindeki Church from exacting vengeance on the entire world? Only time will tell, but that book hasn't been written yet.

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