Free For All Games Tournaments at London Anime Con

The Sunday of London Anime Con on 10th February shall play host to the Sunday Gamers Day. We can now confirm the following -

- Free For All: A series of fighting game tournaments including Blazblue Continuum Extend, Street Fighter x Tekken, Marvel v Capcom 3, with a massive £150 prize-pot at stake. This is free to enter! Info Topic HERE

- Smash & Brawl: Bought to you by the Smashboards community, entry is £3 per tournaments, with all proceeds going into a massive prize-pot to be split between the winners. Info Topic HERE

- General Gaming Tournaments: The Gaming Area shall also host a series of free Gaming tournaments with £10 cash prizes throughout the day. These include SSIV Arcade, Pokemon, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Stepmania, Halo Reach and more. Check out the lineup in the General Event Timetable HERE

- Casual Play: With over 40 modern and retro system setups and over 100 titles available there shall be plenty opportunity to sit down and chillout with your friends.

- And Plenty of Non-Gaming Activities: Too many to list, check out the general event highlights Here

Basic Details

Opening Times: 11am to Midnight.


Pricing: Reduced price Sunday entry to just £7 if you pre-pay now. On the day entry is £10 for the Sunday

Travel Guide (inc venue address): Here

Link To Pre-Pay: Here

Join the forums: Here

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