Nekocon announces MORE Guests for 2013 – Ashly & Anthony Burch

Nekocon is proud to announce the Lead Writer of Borderlands 2 – Anthony Burch & the voice of Tiny Tina, the world's most deadly 13yr old – Ashly Burch!

As part of Gearbox Software, Anthony Burch was the Lead Writer of Video Game of the Year (Awarded by G4), Borderlands 2, which received several other awards, and was nominated for Game of the Year at Spikes Video Game Awards. He is responsible for the story that sucked hours of your life away playing the game, doing all the side missions, and opening box after box just to get that one quest item!! Come hang out with him at he discusses the game industry, writing, and whatever his sister is playing now!

Anthony Burch is many-a-things: a writer at Gearbox Software, co-creator of "Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'" and co-star of "Anthony Saves the World". He has previously written as features editor for Destructoid, where he also created the "Rev Rants" series (now defunct).

Ashly "Hey Ash!" Burch is a writer, actress, voice actress and overall crazy person, but is probably best known for her portrayal of the world's most dangerous 13yr old Tiny Tina in Borderslands 2. For this she was nominated as Outstanding Character Performance for Borderlands 2, by the DICE Awards 2013, and had her character, Tiny Tina, named one of the Best New Video Game Characters by IGN in 2012.

When not playing and reviewing video games, or shooting her YouTube smash hit “Hey Ash Whatcha Playin”, she can be found working hard on her voice over career, among other projects. She'll be doing various panels with her brother and a very special panel with Mr. Torgue so watch out for it!

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Nekocon 16, 2013 Hampton, VA

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