Video Game Composer Nobuo Uematsu Tells Story About Friendships

LOS ANGELES, CA., July 13, 2013 - Acttil is thrilled to announce that it will publish Blik-0 1946, a picture e-book written by the renowned video game composer, Nobuo Uematsu, best known for his musical scores in the Final Fantasy® series of video games. The e-book will be available on iTunes® Store for $9.99 in August, 2013. “I wanted readers to recognize the happiness you can find in everyday life, which you often ignore because they are too close to you, and the importance of kindness and respect to others,” says Nobuo Uematsu. Fans will be excited to know that Blik-0 1946 also features three original music tracks, two of which will come with lyrics written by Nobuo Uematsu.

Blik-0 1946 is a story about a robot named “Blik-0,” created by a reputable artificial intelligence scientist, Dr. Mabuse. Blik-0 is a robot built with functions that let him emulate the human heart and brain. As he experiences life the way humans do, he starts to struggle with feelings and emotions like sadness, heartache, anger, and love.

The original music written by Nobuo Uematsu featured in the story are “Blik-0 1946,” “Ah, But Why?,” and “So Close.” Readers can have these expressive and thematic tracks play while they read the story to enhance their experience.

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Story and Music
Nobuo Uematsu
(CEO of Dog Ear Records CO., Ltd., Smile Please Co., Ltd.) is a famous video game composer, best known for his musical scores in the Final Fantasy® series of video games. The main theme song for Final Fantasy® VIII, “Eyes On Me,” was awarded Song of the Year in the foreign music category at the 14th Japanese Golden Disc Awards in 1994. This marked the first time a song from a video game ever won the award.

Uematsu was deemed an innovator by Time Magazine, and his influence on the world of music recognized in their Time 100: The Next Wave Music issue released in May, 2001. In 2007, he was also selected as one of the 100 most well-respected Japanese in the world by the magazine Newsweek.

In recent years, Uematsu has been traveling around the globe, holding orchestral concerts and live performances with his own band, the EARTHBOUND PAPAS.

Hiroki Ogawa (music producer/director at Dog Ear Records Co., Ltd.) grew up in the United States, and began drawing after being heavily inspired by American comic books. After returning to Japan, Ogawa studied composition and arrangement at music school, and entered the music industry upon graduation. His passion for drawing, however, never faded. In 2011, Ogawa designed and illustrated the EARTHBOUND PAPAS' official character, which is featured on the jacket of the band's debut album, Octave Theory. In August of the same year, he also created illustrations for the anime & manga that accompanied the music track "Panini,“ produced by Japanese artist, ACE.

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