International Cosplay Day Coming this Month

This 24th-25th of August 2013 will be a day like no other. You will wake up. You will put on cosplay (you will hopefully shower before hand). And you will live without regulations. It WILL be bold. It WILL be daring. But know that out there in the world, others will be joining you on this epic endeavor. Welcome to International Cosplay Day founded by Cosplayer Jennifer Alice International Cosplay Day is a celebration for Cosplayers with meet-ups held in Florida, Washington, DC, Japan and other locations around the world.

For those who are unfamiliar Cosplay is a Japanese term meaning Costume play as coined by Nov Takahashi head of the Japanese Studio, Studio Hard. This is when fans of Japanese animation and comics dress up as their favorite characters by making their own costumes.

International Cosplay Day is sponsored by DC Anime Club a non for profit youth base organization in Washington, DC whose purpose is to educate people in Washington, DC about East Asian culture through Japanese Animation (anime) and comics (manga). International Cosplay Facebook group page is a good place to meet people from your area and start brainstorming. If you wish to have an International Cosplay Day event in your area please contact International Cosplay Day Founder/Admin Jennifer Alice with your event.

International Cosplay Day will take place at the following locations:

Woodly Park Zoo 3001 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC

Houston, Texas

São Paulo, Brazil


New Jersey

Manila, Philippines

Brisbane, Australia

Norman Landscape Central Park New York, New York.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Boston, Massachusetts

Chicago, Illionois

Nashville, Tennessee

Greenville, South Carolina

Bristol, Wisconsin

Downers Grove, Illinois

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

For more information about International Cosplay Day please visit the International Cosplay Day on the following sites:

Facebook Group page

Facebook Fan page


Also follow International Cosplay Day's Sponsor DC Anime Club at the following websites

Main site

Facebook fanpage

Facebook group page (Members only)

You Tube



America's Greatest Otaku Chris Wanamaker

About International Cosplay Day:

International Cosplay Day was founded by Cosplayer Jennifer Alice in Celebration for Cosplayers with meet-ups held in Florida, Washington, DC, Japan and other locations around the world. Sponsored by non for profit youth base organization DC Anime Club.

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