B-Daman Crossfire on Italy's K2 from September 23rd

B-DAMAN CROSSFIRE on Italy's K2 from September 23rd

22nd September 2013, SUNRIGHTS INC.(New York)announces it will broadcast the animated series B-DAMAN CROSSFIRE on the Italian network K2.

The series was first televised in Japan in 2011. Now in 2013 it has gained popularity around the world. It has spread across Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea as well as going on air in North America through Vortexx in August. In Europe, Spain's NeoxKidz began broadcasting it in June followed by France's Gulli in August.

K2 – the Discovery Italy free-to-air channel targeting kids 4-14 filled with action, adventure and pure entertainment – broadcasts popular children's programming such as Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Power Rangers. B-DAMAN CROSSFIRE will air every evening at 5:25, starting September 23rd.

In 2010, K2 teamed up with Sunrights fellow subsidiary, d-rights, to broadcast the animated series “Scan2Go”. This contributed greatly to the show's success. Sunrights president Hiroya Nishimura stated that he has confidence in this partnership for the broadcast of B-DAMAN as well.

The B-DAMAN animated series is based on a toy line that Tomy Company, Ltd. has been producing since 1993. Up to now, six series have been made and shown in over 30 countries. B-DAMAN CROSSFIRE (“Cross Fight B-Daman” in Japan) is the newest series.
26, 30 minute episodes.
Target audience: 6 - 11 year old boys
Production Studio: Synergy SP
Web site (Americas & Europe) www.bdamanbattles.com
Facebook page (Americas & Europe) www.facebook.com/bdamanbattles

Sunrights Inc., is the entertainment division of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas), and is the sister company of d-rights Inc. of Tokyo. The division is Manhattan, New York based with affiliates in London and Toronto, and is charged with managing ex-Asia rights businesses. Sunrights distributes new content for d-rights outside of Asia, and is also supports other Mitsubishi divisions and affiliates in licensing and new business development

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