Daisuki.net Announces "Daisuki TV"


October 10, 2013

DAISUKI.net is pleased to announce they will launch “Daisuki TV” on October 10th, a new category on their website featuring a variety of video offerings for the otaku-minded user including a wide range of segments about culture, music, fashion, and exclusive content that will give anime fans unique access to the creators of their favourite series and movies.

Among the first offerings at launch on October 10th will include four videos from the legendary fan favourite anime music group JAM Project! Formed in the year 2000, JAM Project is a super group of singers that specifically create ANISON (Japanese animation songs). With their goal of advancing the anime song genre and making dreams become reality just as in anime, the members of JAM Project collaborate closely with anime creators to create theme songs that are tailor made for each anime. Having presented over 100 songs, the group has gone on multiple world tours and its members also enjoy successful solo careers. The four videos to be launched on Daisuki.net are “MAXIMIZER,” “Wings of the legend,” “Believe in my existence,” and their new song “THUMB RISE AGAIN” from their forthcoming album of the same name. Other music content will be added in the near future.

Because of its unparalleled insider access to anime creators, one of Daisuki.net's unique attributes is the ability to create a bridge between anime personalities and fans throughout the world.

On October 10th, Daisuki.net will stream a special message from the cast of the hit Aniplex series Sword Art Online. The popular series currently streaming on Daisuki.net is set in the near future where players of a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online discover they have been trapped in the game by its creator and must beat the game or die in reality. The exclusive clip will feature comments from the Sword Art Online staff: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Seiyuu, voice of Kirito), Haruka Tomatsu (Seiyuu, voice of Asuna), and Tomohiko Ito (Director).

Daisuki TV plans to feature more exclusive behind the scenes content from fan-favorite anime personalities in the near future.

Also available on October 10th is Gattsuri TOKYO. A unique show about Japanese culture, this series follows New Yorker DJ “Michael” as he explores Japanese subculture including idol culture and the art scene. Each episode features a distinct topic: “MATSURI” (Japanese festivals), “WASYOKU” (Japanese food), “KIMONO (Japanese traditional clothing with a slice of “NINJA”), and “FUJISAN,”focusing on Mt. Fuji (which has been named World Heritage site this year), but within each episode are segments on other topics such as a seiyu (voice talent) school, artwork by new artists, and other otaku related explorations. Will DJ “Michael” find that the stereotypes of Japanese culture are true and expose the “Cool Japan” that is the perception of many overseas fans? Gattsuri (which means firmly,abundant) TOKYO promises to show fans the real Japan… well, maybe! Produced specifically for DAISUKI.net's overseas audience, the series will be streamed as eight approximately 15-minute subtitled episodes. The episodes will also be combined into four 30-minute segments at broadcast on the Japanese BS Channel.

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DAISUKI.net is the only Japanese based anime-streaming site offering a wide range of new and classic anime for global audiences. Founded by the Japanese companies Aniplex Inc., SUNRISE INC., TOEI ANIMATION Co., LTD., TMS ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD., NIHON AD SYSTEMS INC., DENTSU INC. and ASATSUDK INC., DAISUKI.net's goal is to expand the medium by making anime legally available worldwide and providing merchandise through a robust e-commerce platform. DAISUKI.net is currently streaming the popular series DRAGONBALL Z, PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA, ONE PIECE, Lupin the 3rd, THE PRINCE OF TENNIS, and MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM ZZ, with many more to come. Visit Daisuki.net to see the full selection of titles.

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