Otome's Way Begins Kickstarter for BL-themed Textbook Sequel, Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese Volume 2

Otome's Way Begins Crowd Funding Project on Kickstarter for BL-themed Textbook Sequel, Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese Volume 2

Tokyo, Japan – November 11, 2013 – Today Otome's Way is launching a Kickstarter project to fund the creation of A Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese Volume 2, the second in a series of Japanese language learning materials for English-speaking fans of boys love manga and anime.

A Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese Volume 2 is intended to be an intermediate level textbook building upon the lessons of the first volume of language learning books by the same name. In order for the project to come to fruition, Otome's Way must raise US$13,000 in pledges before December 2, 2013, 9:00 A.M. EST. If the project is successful, those who donate will be rewarded with prizes ranging from wallpaper downloads to physical postcards, t-shirts, copies of the completed textbook, original art by the textbook's illustrator, Ai Yusura, etc. The minimum pledge amount is one dollar.

The first volume of A Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese is a beginner's level Japanese textbook that uses BL themes and scenarios as teaching tools. It was released for download in May 2013 in epub format and focuses on the basics of Japanese pronunciation and writing, as well as greetings, self-introductions, and counting. For the sake of adding interest, lessons are incorporated into a narrative about a young man named Alexis, and his beautiful butler, Sho. The textbook is a full-color illustrated manga, complete with interactive charts, audio guidance, and animated images. If the Otome's Way Kickstarter is funded, these lessons and narratives will be expanded upon in A Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese 2.

About Otome's Way
Otome's Way digitizes Japanese style comics with homoerotic themes for a worldwide online audience. Inspired by the popularity of Otome Road, an area in Tokyo famous for its large collection of shops catering toward a BL-biased fan base, Otome's Way promotes this same tantalizing genre of adult-oriented love stories for individuals entrenched in the boys' love subculture. But, unlike anything released before, Otome's Way fully utilizes the technological capabilities of digital manga with the addition of digital color, animation, and voice acting, bringing the manga to life in a brand new way.

A Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese
Author: Yumiko Akeba
Artist:Ai Yusura
Rating: PG
Length: 82 pages
Special: Full-color with digital effects
File Format: ePub
Price: US$29.99
Available at https://tigrislibra.com/us/item.php?ITEM_ID=19

A Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese Volume 2
Author: Yumiko Akeba
Artist: Ai Yusura
Rating: PG
Length: approx. 180 pages
File Formats: .pdf .cbz
Release date: March 2014 (if funded)
Kickstarter: http://kck.st/1hzIaPu

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