Anime Evolution, Vancover Gaming Expo, and Cos & Effect Merge into Northwest Fan Fest

Vancouver Fandoms Unite! Anime Evolution, Vancouver Gaming Expo, and Cos & Effect Merge into One Epic Summer Bash called Northwest Fan Fest

Vancouver, B.C. – Fans of Japanese culture, anime, costumes, sci-fi/horror/fantasy, and video games can all get their fill at Northwest Fan Fest (NWFF), one weekend-long event this June 2014. NWFF, the newest Vancouver-area convention, comes with the full force of 3 conventions: Anime Evolution (AE), Cos & Effect (C&E), and Vancouver Gaming Expo (VGE).

NWFF caters to people who would otherwise have to split their time and money across multiple events each catering to only one genre of fandom. “There's something for everyone at Northwest Fan Fest. We want everyone to come out and enjoy themselves, get all nostalgic about their fan favourites, and discover something new as well,” says Gregory Neher, Communications Director.

Anime fans at NWFF will have the opportunity to meet Linda Ballantyne and Toby Proctor, the English voices of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon, which first aired 1996 in North America. Prolific voice actor/director John Stocker will also be in attendance. He voice-directed numerous TV shows & video games, as well as lent his own voice to Beastly from The Care Bears television show.

NWFF will host one of BC's largest cosplay contests. Cosplay, or ‘costume play’, is a performance art where fans create costumes to roleplay as characters from favourite anime, tv shows, films or games. NWFF attendees can also participate in costume photoshoots in the lead-up to the convention.

Gamers of all kinds will have exciting tournaments to take part in, and over 17,000 square feet of convention space for casual play. A library of retro and cutting edge video games and consoles by major manufacturers (including Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony) will be available. PC and Local Area Network (LAN) gamers will have space for games like League of Legends. Tabletop and trading card game players (like Magic: the Gathering) will have dedicated convention areas to play in as well.

Northwest Fan Fest will be held June 27-29, 2014 at the University of British Columbia. Adult weekend passes are available at the price of $45 until May 16, 2014. Attendees can purchase tickets by mail and online, or at-the-door for $55.

Anime Evolution is one of Vancouver's premier events celebrating Japanese culture & animation.
Cos & Effect is an annual costume, cosplay, & alternative fashion convention that takes place at UBC.
Vancouver Gaming Expo is an annual celebration of video games based out of New Westminster.

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