Halloween Comes Early At Unplugged Expo. October 15th-16th 2016

October 7th 2016 – Toronto Canada –"Unplugged: A Weekend of Awesome" Invites families to have a spooky good time at The Westin Harbour Castle Convention Centre on October 15th - 16th downtown Toronto http://unpluggedexpo.com

A Spooky Good Time!
With Halloween just around the corner, Unplugged Expo the premier Geek Culture event invites families to join us for early Halloween fun! The fun filled weekend is bursting with Halloween ideas, celebrities, and activities to keep kids entertained!

Alyson Court the voice of Claire Redfield of Resident Evil joins the growing list of celebrities at Unplugged Expo 2016. Alyson Court - known for her portrayal of such iconic characters as Loonette the Clown from the Big Comfy Couch, Claire Redfield from Resident Evil, Jubilee from X-Men and Lydia from Beetlejuice, can currently be heard as Queen Martha in Mike The Knight, Trina in Grojband, several guest characters in the new Inspector Gadget series and as one of the leads in the upcoming epic fantasy series, Mysticons. She has numerous animé credits to her name including Spider Riders, Beyblade, Bakugan & Medabots.. Alyson continues to perform both on & off camera in addition to writing, producing and directing children's television, animation, film and video games. For more information on Alyson Court see her IMDB page - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0183750/

Makeup Tutorials
Want to look your ghoulish best this Halloween? Join Alexander Silberberg professional Makeup and FX artist as he shows audiences how he creates scars, cuts, and full facial prosthetics at his FX Makeup workshop. Hailing from Santiago de Chile, Alexander Silberberg graduated as an architect as a master in urban projects. Three years later his fascination with splatter films had led him to Toronto where he attended CMU College for Makeup. He now works in the Film industry doing what he loves, making people look perfect for the screen. From scars, cuts, and bruises, to full blown sci-fi prosthetics Alexander brings out the wow in makeup special effects. More information on Alexander can be found here http://unpluggedexpo.com/alex-silberberg-2/

Harry Potter Themed Celebration
What is more Halloween than Witches and Warlocks? To celebrate this fact Unplugged is bringing to life its own "Room of Requirement". This Harry Potter themed activity room will host a number of fun Harry Potter themed games, workshops, and special guests. Included in the events is "You Don't know Harry Potter"- a trivia styled gameshow pitting the 4 Houses against each other to determine which House is the best at answering questions from the Harry Potter Universe.

Special Guests include the cast and crew from the YouTube Children's series "The Spell Tutor", Winner of Best Youth Series at the Miami Web Fest 2016. The Spell Tutor has also been nominated for screenwriting at the DC Web Fest. This Harry Potter inspired series has captured the imagination of fans on the web. Series creator Herman Wang, will screen brand new episodes at Unplugged Expo on October 15th. For more information about "The Spell Tutor" see their website http://thespelltutor.com/

Masters of Cosplay
Costumes are a hallmark of Halloween, and Unplugged Expo wants to celebrate some of the best Cosplayers in the Community by showcasing their work at this year's "Masters of Cosplay". Five of the best cosplayers in Canada "Mel Colley", "Bec's Cosplay Wonderland", "Pentakill Cosplay", "Purelight Cosplay", and "Jelly Cosplay" are creating new and exciting costumes to be showcased at Unplugged Expo. They are competing for over $2000 in prizes and the title of Master of Cosplay 2016. Fans can follow their progress as they VLOG on the Masters of Cosplay YouTube Channel. For more information about Masters of Cosplay and the competitors visit the website http://mastersofcosplay.com/

With more great activities over the weekend as well as celebrity guests and talented members of the Geek Community, October 2016 is shaping up to be a very exciting time for fans and anyone who is into an early Halloween - Geek Culture style. Be sure to join us as we a celebrate a spooky 5 years of awesome at Unplugged Expo! Geek Proud!

About Unplugged Expo: Unplugged is an event dedicated to geek culture in all of its forms! From video games to comics, Anime to Cosplay, Arts & Crafts to Makerbots, at Unplugged we celebrate it all! If it has something to do with Geek Culture, we want to showcase it! Unplugged is an event designed to help people of like-minded interests gather in a place where they can express themselves freely! More information about Unplugged Expo, Events, Special Guests can be found on the website http://unpluggedexpo.com

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