Ignition M - Launch of First Mobile Application

Masuda Takafumi, the father of ʻBattle Catsʼ, a smartphone mobile game that has accrued over 26 million downloads, has created a new company after going independent from Ponos Corporation. At the same time, this new company, IGNITION M, is proud to announce the English localization release of their first mobile game ʻTrash & Fistsʼ planned for Android and iOS platforms on the 08/11/2016.

Trash will come to you… Your task: to take them all down. They're ugly! Reconstruct their FACES! Knock'em all out! Rub away your skin! Feel the heat! Flick left, right up or down!

>>>> HOW TO PLAY <<<<
STEP 1 - Trash appears. Flick to attack.
STEP 2 - Keep flicking.
Send those punches flying!
STEP 3 - Use "AUTORUSH". Feel good!

Donʼt rub away your fingerprints!!
Fight, Smash and PUMMEL everyone!
Super Casual Game “Trash & Fists”!!
“Trash & Fists” is a really simple game for everyone where you use your fingers to rub away at your smartphoneʼs screen. Ignition M is down straight serious in making this game as silly and enjoyable as can be! Flick and swipe your fingerprints away to pummel down the enemies one by one, swing by swing in this uniquely satisfying casual action game. Beat down the Trash and enjoy a plot that is so off the rails that you never know whatʼs next!

Title: Trash & Fists
Release Date: 2016/11/08
Distribution: Google Play(Android), App Store(iPhone、iPad)
Supported OS: iOS 9.x+ / Android 4.2+ recommended
Price: Free (In-App Purchases available)
Languages: English
Copyright: ©2016 IGNITION M

  • Google Play Store Link (EN)
  • App Store Link (EN)
  • Trash & Fists homepage
  • IGNITION M homepage

CEO / Director / Seed Planner
Takafumi Masuda

Father of “Battle Cats” that has 26 Million downloads and counting. His work broadly covers planning and direction to character design. After creating a worldwide success, Takafumi Masuda has also worked with the “Mr. Oops” installment of the Mr. Series (series total downloads of 20M). He was Chief Managing Director of Ponos Corporation from its establishment until creating IGNITION M in 2016

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